Five Causes Of Bird Feathers Plucked Themselves.

Birds picking off his own fur due to many factors, but a special bird beak bent, there is a slight exception where some types of birds such as cockatoos in healthy condition often plucked feathers before the nest and lay eggs.

The following clinical symptoms that you can detect when the bird’s favorite at home often plucked the feathers themselves.

Feather Plucking in Birds

1. Skin irritation.
Skin irritation is the biggest cause of bird feathers plucked from the case. It is closely related to the infection of the mites, bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Several species of mite is indeed known to live and breed inside the layers of the skin and feathers. Attack of the mites, bacteria, and fungi often cause itching on the part of developing.

2. Mental problem.
Birds can experience her mental condition related problems. It happened when he was confronted with a kind of bird, and he felt defeated before play.
Some birds that stress will do among others like plucked feathers themselves, not perch, fidget, and so on. Stressed parrots will more often pluck the feathers than the birds chirp.

3. Nutritional deficiencies.
When birds are in check there are no mites, the habit of plucking the hairs is caused by other factors, such as malnutrition. Nutritious feed should contain a minimum of energy metabolism, protein, fat, fiber, as well as several other important vitamins and minerals. The feed is a feed of matching the levels of fat is not too high, whereas protein levels are adjusted with the growth and reproductive period (for the breeders). Energy metabolism should be enough to support the activity of birds daily. When the feed consumed do not meet the standards of nutrition, growth and the appearance of feathers became ugly, skin looks dry and easy to peel. This allows the occurrence of secondary infections that gave rise to the itching.

4. Hormonal problems.
The bird plucked feathers very easily. This is usually caused by hormonal disorders. When that happens, the hormonal disorders of the birds feel itching in her opinion as coming from the surface of the skin or feathers.

5. Due to the disease.
Another possibility from the habit of bird feathers plucked, is the emergence of the disease from his body. Giardia infection (giardiasis) caused by microorganisms in the intestines will cause itching that suspected Bird comes from the skin or feathers. Infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydophila pneumoniae and some liver disease can affect on skin irritation.

That’s the causes of the bird plucked feathers themselves. Most can be addressed at home, but some (especially the last two points) need a diagnosis from the vet. Health problems in birds can be eliminated with the right care, feeding nutritious, as well as maintain the cleanliness of the cages with the minimum disinfectant use get used once a week.

Unique Facts of Termites and How To Identify the Presence of Termites in the House.

Termites are insects that are closed, so how can we know that our homes are under attack termites? If you want to examine it, the following are things to note.

Tunnel or Small Roads.
Termite is an insect that is not resistant to direct exposure to the Sun and dry environment. Termites build roads or small tunnel made of moist soil, mud, dirt and debris with a diameter about the size of a pinkie. Termite tunnels will protect from the Sun and natural predators. The tunnel can be stand-alone or connected with structural surfaces of your home, and the tunnel serves as the line back and forth from the ground to the food source. The tunnel of mud may disappear into cracks in the rock and the pair can be found also around the door and the frame of a window or along the boards.

A crowd of winged termites.
Winged termites will be clustered under the lights in warm conditions after rain. This type of termite possibilities quickly disappeared after discovering her partner and let go of its wings. If you find the existence of a set of wings, it is a sign of termite appear to fly. The event only lasts for a few minutes, so most likely you only see wings that they leave behind. When you see a crowd of wings apart, the best move is to immediately do the spraying of insecticides.

Termite droppings.
Wood termites often leave rough dirt brown after eating wood. These impurities usually found under logs are encroached. Many cases, dirt or ‘mud’ of termites buried in the wood and form a protective environment that holds the air humidity. This causes the wood to swell, making it hard to open or close the doors and windows.

Damaged inside wood.

Termites eat wood inside, so that the damaged wood is difficult to view. You can investigate the wooden beams, wooden walls and floors that sounded hollow, and look for patterns like a beehive. When you knock on the wooden area or press attacked the termites, then it will sound hollow or felt thin because most (or all) content of the wood have been eaten by termites.

Every sign indicates that your House had termites. You may not notice the presence of termites at all, and did not notice any damage to any furniture and home. But you bear a huge mistake by assuming that you are free from termites. Especially if your House is located in the zone of the threat. Some unique facts following the termites will make us pay attention.

Termites are working all the time.
Termites never rested all his life. Termites-termite the average worker have a lifespan of 2 years and worked nonstop in turns undermines property, furniture and wooden items in your home.

Termites Queen lays eggs throughout her life.
Queen of termites is the highest in the hierarchy of termites colony. This is what the Queen lays eggs and incubate the eggs for reproducing the termite colony-termite. This termites Queen spawns about every 15 seconds throughout his life.

Termite is this important in forest ecosystems.
Termites can decipher the fiber plant, recycling the tree is dead and rotting into the new land. In ecosystems, insects that become a pest in the House-this House was instrumental for maintaining the fertility of our forests.

Silent Destroyer.
Termites called ‘ silent destroyer ‘ because these termites eat and destroy the roof framework, furniture and items in your house made of wood discreetly. Your property looks good but when you do a more detailed examination it turned out termites have been undermined in part that is not visible to the eye.

Javanese beer. Healthy beer?

Javanese beer. Healthy beer?

Beer is a popular drink already since long ago. The beer was already known in ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia since the third millennium BC, Beer also developed in the region of Egypt and Babylonia. The people of Babylon already know 19 type of beer. Beer make it by fermentation so that the result contains alcohol.

In the area of Java Island, King Mataram also used to consume ‘beer Java’ which is different from the beer we already know. Named the Java Beer because the result of these spices brewed like beer.
Although on the beer, this drink is no alcohol like beer in general. This drink is made from spices that are beneficial to the health of the body.

Spices contained in beer is proven to maintain and treat various diseases. Complaints such as coldness, weakness, lack of energy, headache, or colds disappear after drinking Java Beer. The traditional Javanese beer beverage is very healthy and not intoxicating.
Mataram beers are well suited for cold areas (mountains) or warm areas.

Java beer made from spices ingredients include
lemon juice, sugar to taste (or can use sugar), lemongrass leaves for garnis, clove flower, secang leather, cardamom, cinnamon do not, ginger (burn and bruise).

Steps to make a beer of Java: Boil water in a pot to boil. Then enter all the Spice ingredients except lime juice and sugar and then wait until brown or red. You can enter the water boiled into a glass that’s already been given rock sugar and lime juice. Use to garnish stalk Lemongrass as a sweetener.

You can present this drink when it’s been cold because the cold air could make Beer of Java is getting tasty and suitable for warm the body. The presentation feels more favors using sugar cubes on appeal with the granulated sugar. Beer of Java is indeed rich in flavor because the beer is made from a blend of Javanese and various spices. For those unfamiliar with strong aroma and flavor, then the beer this Java became very memorable. Beer of Java has a unique flavor and seeming to enjoy the exotic beauty of the world.

Winged Termites as an Alternative Bird Feed?

Scarcity of natural feed and with the rising price of extra food makes a lover of birdsong difficult meet the needs of pet birds at home. They began to look for alternative feed. But lovers of birdsong hampered by concerns about whether this could affect the performance of the sound of birds, how it impacts the health of birds, and so on.

Almost all types of insects have nutrients that can be utilized. Our ancestors had always been made of insects as alternative food. It’s been done before they know the techniques of hunting and farming. Currently, more than 1000 species of insects can be eaten by humans in various countries. People in specific areas used to make a dish made from raw of grasshoppers, caterpillars teak, cricket ground and winged termites.

Winged termites use as food because they have high protein content. The amino acids of a termite are threonine, lysine, leucine, serine, valine, alanine, and cysteine. Winged termites also contains vitamin B. In fact, as reported by FAO (2002) when addressing nutritional crisis in Africa, termites are highly nutritious food much better than grasshoppers.

Protein content reaches 65%, whereas only 32% of grasshoppers. The fat content is only 31% (grasshopper 54%), so it’s natural those winged termites as a high-protein food ingredient and does not cause obesity. The unsaturated fatty acid termites around 57%, slightly lower than the grasshoppers (60%). Linoleic acid and despair Olet on winged termites each recorded 6.7% and 48%, while the grasshopper respectively 13.4% and 44%.

I strongly believe that the winged termites can be used as a nutritious alternative feed for birds. In the wild, some species of birds such as magpie and swallow often prey on insects including termites. Besides birds, termites also becomes food for lizards, frogs and scorpions.

Winged termites used as an alternative feed for the birds when natural food (extra food) disappear from the market or the prices rise sharply. As alternative feed, availability of winged termites in accordance with the natural cycle of the termites. Winged termites are often appears at the beginning of the rainy season. During this period, natural food supply to be replaced by winged termites. In another period, preferably natural feed back to the original feed or search for other natural feed as a variation.

Easy and Effective Ways to get rid of Bats from Your Home.

Easy and Effective Ways to get rid of Bats from Your Home.

Extrude Bats.

Bats are mammals that are active at night (nocturnal). In General, the bats lived in the cave because these animals like hanging on the ceiling of the dark and humid. In the present era, bats can live in urban areas (especially small-bodied). Sometimes these bats are temporary stay to eat the fruit and leave the leftovers littering our homes.

Often these bats live and litter on the roof or the corner of the building our homes. If you feel disturbed by the presence of bats that make dirty your home, here are some tricks how to extrude a bat in powerful and easy.

Turn on the lights in the attic and the outside of the house.
Bats like to live in dark and humid places. Tips to repel bats from your home are by turning on bright and warm lights outside the house and attic. Light bulbs and a dry environment will make the bat uncomfortable so that the bat colony in your home will decrease by itself.

Plug-mesh nets above the attic.
Mesh nets that were installed in the ceilings of the House or attic can be a trap and closing the entrance of the bat. The sensor will mark it as bats fly that is difficult to traverse. When there is a bat that entangled, then the next day you will see the bats caught on the net.

Use Ultrasonic Sound Applications.
Bats are animals that uses ultrasonic waves to navigation. You can outwit this animal navigation by installing equipment that emits ultrasonic sound. You need to know that a man is not able to hear the ultrasonic waves. So, this way will not bother you or neighbors. Turn on the device and place the application in place of the usual stop off the bat. How to extrude a bat with this echolocation can make animals comfortable and not leaving your home.

Prune branches that are located near the House.
Your home is very prone to visit it if you have fruit trees in the yard of your House. To prevent the bat stopped at a tree into the House, prune tree branches that are located near your home. If you know these bats eat your fruits tree, consider cutting the tree.

Use Scent of Brimstone.
There are several types of odors that are disliked by the bat. One of the scents that have not favored the bat was the scent of Brimstone. Take advantage of this sulfur to ward off a bat in your home. Sulfur is burned and make sure the smoke fly up to the roof of the House, a place where the nesting bats. The way this one is quite potent due to the weakness of the bat is a very pungent sulfur aroma. When you don’t get the sulfur, you can use other ways. Spray insecticides or pesticides that have a very strong scent.

Close the entrance of the bat.
You have to close holes which was used as the entrance of the bat. Bat will not be stopped again on the roof of the House. The closing hole is done at the time was not a bat. The way that this one’s a bit hard if bats dwell in the roof of your home.

The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

The Difference of Termites and Ants.

The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

Most of us never see the termites. Body shape termites often look like ants so that it is often too late to detect when the damage to the House is already happening. Termites are known as white ants by some people. This often creates confusion in distinguishing between termites and ants. However, the most striking difference between termites and the ants are a termite has a waist that is much thicker compared to ants.

Termites and ants potentially threaten the safety of our homes. There are some similarities between the two pests, but the negative impacts resulting from termites are more serious and destructive than ants.

In this case, you need to ascertain whether these termites or ants are invading your house.

Termite pests are well-known for its ability to damage the building structure of the house. The situation will be more difficult when termites eat from the inside and very rarely look up to find the dining furniture surfaces. You will be late to realize that there are damages caused by termites in your home. Termites can damage many parts inside your house, such as door frames of houses, furniture, wooden frame and roof of the House. The financial loss in impact by this pest becoming very large.

For those of us that are still difficult to tell the difference between termites and ants, there are some tips below which we can follow:

The shape of the body. Termites have a shape that is colored creamy, dark brown to blackish, the combination of length and shape oval, straight antennae, has had 6 legs and wings that are the same. Ants have wings that are not of the same length with legs. Ants also have a mix of red and black as well as have antennas that are not straight.

Termites eat wood and cellulose, while ants will eat sweet foods as well as protein and a dead animal.

A place to live.
Termites are found mostly in the basement or the structure of the building and can be found when the already damaging buildings. Termites lurking in the hallway from exposure to light and dry. While the ants are more easily found and seen everywhere.

The small termite body shape with a length of just 0.4 millimeters often make us not think the danger of termite presence. With more than 350,000 number of termites in a colony will be damaging your home and imagine the risk of damage to structural buildings that will be threatened at any time.