How to Increase Fish Harvest with a Red Water System

Fish farmers always want a good yield, one way to increase fish harvest with a red water system. We named the red water system because of the appearance of the color of the water of a reddish fish pond. Besides increasing fish harvest with a red water system, it turns out that this system is able to overcome some of the problems faced by fish farmers. Therefore this system is very useful in fish farming.

The red water system is a system of fish farming by utilizing the functions of positive microbes. These microbes will cause the color of the pool water to be reddish. In narrow ponds or cultured stocked seed systems, it will require good water quality. Here fish farmers can increase fish yields with a red water system. Cultivation of stocked solid fish is a method of fish farming with a number of fish seeds that are denser than the recommended amount. You can use a red water system in stocking solid fish to solve the problem of small ponds or to pursue maximum results.

These microbes will maintain water quality, so it does not require much time to control the quality of fish pond water. This condition is very beneficial for those who want side jobs as fish farmers. They only spend a little time but can increase fish harvest with a red water system. This means that they will also increase the welfare of their families. Another positive effect is to utilize fish ponds in areas with limited water availability. Ponds with minimal water are also very suitable to use the red water system in fish farming.

Pond Conditions to Increase Fish Harvest Results with a Red Water System

Increasing the yield of fish with a red water system is different from conventional systems or other systems related to efforts to utilize positive microbes. If you use the red water system it will change the color of the pool water to red. Another cultivation system will prevent pool water from changing color, keeping the pool water clear. This system actually has the opposite behavior. Pond water will gradually go through several color change processes. This system will change the pool water from day to day from clear water, green, brown and finally red. The color of the pool water becomes reddish, it actually indicates the presence of active microbes in the pond. Red water is a sign that pond water is very healthy for fish. Fish manure is a food source for the Lactobacillus and Sakaromises bacteria. You only need to be aware of the condition of the fish ponds that are black.

Handling fish ponds with a Red Water System

You will more easily handle a fish pond with a red water system. This is because you do not need to replace water in a short period of time. You can partially replace water to maintain microbial growth. Like handling a pool in general, you also need some air aeration points for fish health functions and to stir Lactobacillus and Sakaromises bacteria at the bottom of the pond.

Fish farmers can provide fish feed according to the provisions recommended for each type of fish. But farmers should feed fish by considering the effects of flatulence on fish. You can give special treatment to fish feed to improve feed efficiency and prevent negative effects on fish.

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