The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

The Difference of Termites and Ants.
The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

Most of us never see the termites. Body shape termites often look like ants so that it is often too late to detect when the damage to the House is already happening. Termites are known as white ants by some people. This often creates confusion in distinguishing between termites and ants. However, the most striking difference between termites and the ants are a termite has a waist that is much thicker compared to ants.

Termites and ants potentially threaten the safety of our homes. There are some similarities between the two pests, but the negative impacts resulting from termites are more serious and destructive than ants.

In this case, you need to ascertain whether these termites or ants are invading your house.

Termite pests are well-known for its ability to damage the building structure of the house. The situation will be more difficult when termites eat from the inside and very rarely look up to find the dining furniture surfaces. You will be late to realize that there are damages caused by termites in your home. Termites can damage many parts inside your house, such as door frames of houses, furniture, wooden frame and roof of the House. The financial loss in impact by this pest becoming very large.

For those of us that are still difficult to tell the difference between termites and ants, there are some tips below which we can follow:

The shape of the body. Termites have a shape that is colored creamy, dark brown to blackish, the combination of length and shape oval, straight antennae, has had 6 legs and wings that are the same. Ants have wings that are not of the same length with legs. Ants also have a mix of red and black as well as have antennas that are not straight.

Termites eat wood and cellulose, while ants will eat sweet foods as well as protein and a dead animal.

A place to live.
Termites are found mostly in the basement or the structure of the building and can be found when the already damaging buildings. Termites lurking in the hallway from exposure to light and dry. While the ants are more easily found and seen everywhere.

The small termite body shape with a length of just 0.4 millimeters often make us not think the danger of termite presence. With more than 350,000 number of termites in a colony will be damaging your home and imagine the risk of damage to structural buildings that will be threatened at any time.