Winged Termites as an Alternative Bird Feed?

Scarcity of natural feed and with the rising price of extra food makes a lover of birdsong difficult meet the needs of pet birds at home. They began to look for alternative feed. But lovers of birdsong hampered by concerns about whether this could affect the performance of the sound of birds, how it impacts the health of birds, and so on.

Almost all types of insects have nutrients that can be utilized. Our ancestors had always been made of insects as alternative food. It’s been done before they know the techniques of hunting and farming. Currently, more than 1000 species of insects can be eaten by humans in various countries. People in specific areas used to make a dish made from raw of grasshoppers, caterpillars teak, cricket ground and winged termites.

Winged termites use as food because they have high protein content. The amino acids of a termite are threonine, lysine, leucine, serine, valine, alanine, and cysteine. Winged termites also contains vitamin B. In fact, as reported by FAO (2002) when addressing nutritional crisis in Africa, termites are highly nutritious food much better than grasshoppers.

Protein content reaches 65%, whereas only 32% of grasshoppers. The fat content is only 31% (grasshopper 54%), so it’s natural those winged termites as a high-protein food ingredient and does not cause obesity. The unsaturated fatty acid termites around 57%, slightly lower than the grasshoppers (60%). Linoleic acid and despair Olet on winged termites each recorded 6.7% and 48%, while the grasshopper respectively 13.4% and 44%.

I strongly believe that the winged termites can be used as a nutritious alternative feed for birds. In the wild, some species of birds such as magpie and swallow often prey on insects including termites. Besides birds, termites also becomes food for lizards, frogs and scorpions.

Winged termites used as an alternative feed for the birds when natural food (extra food) disappear from the market or the prices rise sharply. As alternative feed, availability of winged termites in accordance with the natural cycle of the termites. Winged termites are often appears at the beginning of the rainy season. During this period, natural food supply to be replaced by winged termites. In another period, preferably natural feed back to the original feed or search for other natural feed as a variation.