Javanese beer. Healthy beer?

Javanese beer. Healthy beer?

Beer is a popular drink already since long ago. The beer was already known in ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia since the third millennium BC, Beer also developed in the region of Egypt and Babylonia. The people of Babylon already know 19 type of beer. Beer make it by fermentation so that the result contains alcohol.

In the area of Java Island, King Mataram also used to consume ‘beer Java’ which is different from the beer we already know. Named the Java Beer because the result of these spices brewed like beer.
Although on the beer, this drink is no alcohol like beer in general. This drink is made from spices that are beneficial to the health of the body.

Spices contained in beer is proven to maintain and treat various diseases. Complaints such as coldness, weakness, lack of energy, headache, or colds disappear after drinking Java Beer. The traditional Javanese beer beverage is very healthy and not intoxicating.
Mataram beers are well suited for cold areas (mountains) or warm areas.

Java beer made from spices ingredients include
lemon juice, sugar to taste (or can use sugar), lemongrass leaves for garnis, clove flower, secang leather, cardamom, cinnamon do not, ginger (burn and bruise).

Steps to make a beer of Java: Boil water in a pot to boil. Then enter all the Spice ingredients except lime juice and sugar and then wait until brown or red. You can enter the water boiled into a glass that’s already been given rock sugar and lime juice. Use to garnish stalk Lemongrass as a sweetener.

You can present this drink when it’s been cold because the cold air could make Beer of Java is getting tasty and suitable for warm the body. The presentation feels more favors using sugar cubes on appeal with the granulated sugar. Beer of Java is indeed rich in flavor because the beer is made from a blend of Javanese and various spices. For those unfamiliar with strong aroma and flavor, then the beer this Java became very memorable. Beer of Java has a unique flavor and seeming to enjoy the exotic beauty of the world.