Five Causes Of Bird Feathers Plucked Themselves.

Feather Plucking in Birds

Birds picking off his own fur due to many factors, but a special bird beak bent, there is a slight exception where some types of birds such as cockatoos in healthy condition often plucked feathers before the nest and lay eggs.

The following clinical symptoms that you can detect when the bird’s favorite at home often plucked the feathers themselves.

1. Skin irritation.
Skin irritation is the biggest cause of bird feathers plucked from the case. It is closely related to the infection of the mites, bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Several species of mite is indeed known to live and breed inside the layers of the skin and feathers. Attack of the mites, bacteria, and fungi often cause itching on the part of developing.

2. Mental problem.
Birds can experience her mental condition related problems. It happened when he was confronted with a kind of bird, and he felt defeated before play.
Some birds that stress will do among others like plucked feathers themselves, not perch, fidget, and so on. Stressed parrots will more often pluck the feathers than the birds chirp.

3. Nutritional deficiencies.
When birds are in check there are no mites, the habit of plucking the hairs is caused by other factors, such as malnutrition. Nutritious feed should contain a minimum of energy metabolism, protein, fat, fiber, as well as several other important vitamins and minerals. The feed is a feed of matching the levels of fat is not too high, whereas protein levels are adjusted with the growth and reproductive period (for the breeders). Energy metabolism should be enough to support the activity of birds daily. When the feed consumed do not meet the standards of nutrition, growth and the appearance of feathers became ugly, skin looks dry and easy to peel. This allows the occurrence of secondary infections that gave rise to the itching.

4. Hormonal problems.
The bird plucked feathers very easily. This is usually caused by hormonal disorders. When that happens, the hormonal disorders of the birds feel itching in her opinion as coming from the surface of the skin or feathers.

5. Due to the disease.
Another possibility from the habit of bird feathers plucked, is the emergence of the disease from his body. Giardia infection (giardiasis) caused by microorganisms in the intestines will cause itching that suspected Bird comes from the skin or feathers. Infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydophila pneumoniae and some liver disease can affect on skin irritation.

That’s the causes of the bird plucked feathers themselves. Most can be addressed at home, but some (especially the last two points) need a diagnosis from the vet. Health problems in birds can be eliminated with the right care, feeding nutritious, as well as maintain the cleanliness of the cages with the minimum disinfectant use get used once a week.