Benefits of Termites. Are there Benefits of Termites?

winged termites

Termites have tremendous damage to the wood furniture, books, or even the property we live in. Most of us are afraid of termites as a pest of this house. Even pest control companies continue to grow to help us fight against house pest termites.
In fact, of about 3000 species of termites, not all pests for humans. Some of them are the guardians of the ecosystem.

Really beneficial termites?. Let’s look at some of the benefits of termites from different locations of the world.

Natural Poultry Feed.
Natural enemies of termites in nature one of them is poultry. If we keep chickens, ducks, quail, turkeys, pigeons or swans, termites can be used as a feed. Chickens love termites especially queen termites.

Reptile feed.

termites for gecko

In termites, termites have predators of this type of reptile. For reptile hobbyists, termites can be used as cheap nutritious feed. Termites can be a natural feed of lizards, Agamidae, chameleons, gecko.

Fish feed.
Fish naturally are not the main predators of termites because they rarely meet. Fish either scaly or not scaly turned out to be fond of termites. The way of giving can be directly given in life or in death first.

Food material.
In some places, termites are used as foodstuffs, especially termites fly. Termites in though into various types of good food (for people in the locals). Local culture. Termites are fried in flour or seasoning with grated and steamed coconut.
For those who like unique food, please try.

Natural medicine.
In some places, termite queens are used as natural remedies. The termite queens in his head cut and in raw eating without cooking. Of course, in select healthy and cleaned first. Queen termites are believed to prevent skin diseases, high blood pressure, easily fatigue and gout.

Mine Indicators.
Termites can enter deep into the soil. This ability depends on the type of termites. Termites are very fond of locations containing metals, especially precious metals (gold). This metal will be re-issued by termites.

fishing bait

Fishing bait.
For the fisherman hobby, termites are one of the best and cheap baits that can be used. For large fish targets, these termites are dispersed to attract attention to the target fish approaching the bait. As a fishing line, termites can be directly mounted on the hook.

Maintaining Ecosystems.
Termite spent his life working underground, building a high nest for his colony. They are highly skilled ground structural engineers. Termites build nests by digging holes similar to small pores on the ground. As a result, water can seep further into the soil so it does not evaporate. Inside the nest, termites mix sand, rock, and clay particles with organic material, such as leaf litter and exoskeleton or other organisms. The mix made the soil more fertile and resistant to erosion.
Dirt and termite excretion fluid also strengthens soil structure so as preventing erosion. They also breed a kind of mushroom to eat. Bacteria in the digestive system of termites can alter nitrogen, extract the vital elements from the air, then turn it into a kind of fertilizer. This is especially beneficial for termite colonies.
When building and maintaining the nest, termites can move large amounts of soil. Termite nests make the surrounding soil structures able to retain water and provide nutrients for plants. They increase the productivity of the system while keeping it stable and durable. Termites are very good for land fertility.

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