Want to have Dog pets. Choose Puppy or Adult?

If you plan to have a new dog as a pet at home, you can choose to keep puppies or adult dogs.

Golden Mix Puppy

Choosing to Buy Puppies
Before purchasing a puppy, it is better to see the mother dog that will be adopted. By looking at the mother dog, we can assess the quality we want in the puppy.

Buying puppies means having the opportunity to practice good skills and habits in dogs. We are more free to provide training materials. Dogs are known to have a high loyalty to their owners, having a dog from childhood will further increase the loyalty of the dog to the owner.

The disadvantages of buying a puppy:
The formation of personality in training can be different from what we expect.
The puppy needs greater attention and care. Because the puppy knows the world from scratch.
Puppies also require a higher cost. Puppies need vaccinations, training costs, equipment that changes due to enormous growth.

Adult Husky

Choosing to Buy an Adult Dog
Buying an adult dog 2 years and older, already has a developing personality. We can choose the dog that suits our desires. Training is done just to refresh your mind and adaptation only.

The weakness of buying an adult dog
We go through a period of memory of dog socialization so that dogs have lower loyalty. Some cases of childhood trauma are not observed and can not be completely eliminated.

How to train adaptation for the adult dog we buy?
New dogs in the care will surely confuse who his master. The dog will be confused by the new atmosphere, especially the foreign smell. Dogs take about 2 weeks to find out who will be their master.

Once the dog arrives home, move to a new cage that is comfortable enough for the dog. During the first 2 weeks, you alone have to feed and drink to the dog. Do not get anyone else or a dog trainer to do it.

In some cases, adult dogs who switch owners become hyperactive and often bark. Do not panic. Keep feeding and drinking by yourself. And often adjacent to the kennels.

In other cases, an adult dog in a new place will become moody and dreamy. We must remain patient. After feeding, take time often close together and invite to play. Within 1 week, the dog is familiar with you and want to be ordered by you.

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