Outdoor Activity. Treatment Bitten by Scorpions with Herbs

God Leaves

Nature tourism activities provide a sense of comfort, calm, and leave memories longer. Outdoor activity is popular from children to adults. In many offices make a gathering event by taking the outside atmosphere to cultivate freshness for employees.

The main problem is the annoying animals that attack us. Snakes, centipedes and scorpions are the animals we must be aware of.

We will discuss natural healing when bitten by a serpent with a god leaf.
The symptoms of snake bite there are some that we can see. These symptoms will differ on the type of snake that bites.
Snake bites look red swollen.
In less than 1 hour, the ministry has become weak and helpless.
Sense of nausea and vomiting will usually appear.
Spit out a lot.
The tongue, the sound equipment and the respiratory center in the brain are paralyzed.

Treatment with god leaves.
We first learn about the leaves of the gods. The pharmacological effects of god leaves can be found on other pages on the web.
Leaves of gods (Gynura Pseudo or Gynura segetum) are upright, annual plants with a height of 30-50 cm, when old will branch off a lot. The god leaves have soft green stems with elongated grooves. Gynura segetum has a single leaf, stemmed, fleshy, hairy, oval leaves until rounded elongated, blunt end, base tapered, edged edge, pinnate repeating, dark green upper surface color, underside of light green.

Nature and efficacy.
The god leaves are sweet, tasteless, cold, and slightly toxic. Efficacy of leaves of the god as an anti-inflammatory, reliever fever (antipyretic), pain relievers (analgesic), blood cleanser, blood conditioning and melting blood clot.

Chemical content.
The god leaves contain alkaloids, saponin, flavonoids, essential oils and tanins.

Parts used.
All parts of the leaf of gods can be used. Leaves, stems, and tubers of god leaves can be used as herbal medicine ingredients. Part of god’s leaves can be used in fresh or dried form.

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