Vlogging Tips on Youtube for Beginners

Vlogging on YouTube became one of the popular communications media in the present era. The person uploading the video has a variety of purposes and contents, among other things, about the equipment/machine manual, office transparency, entertainment and even used to earn additional income.

vlogging on youtube
vlogging on youtube

For beginners, creating a vlog is not easy.

What should be done or avoided in order to succeed on the channel?

Success here is a lot of spectators who enjoy, take advantage or many subscribers.

Free-technews.info will discuss the stages of getting started creating a vlog on YouTube for beginners. Vlogs are a means to pour creative talent into a video that is nice to watch, so you have to do the best in terms of time, technical to cost.

Creating a Plan and Goal Setting.

You have to plan from the beginning. Write down the plan thoroughly covering concepts, notes of important questions, short-term goals, and long-term goals.

The purpose of creating a vlog for others is not necessarily the same. You should set the goal of creating a vlog as it will greatly affect the future of the channel. Do you want to make this vlog to earn money or just for fun?

If you wish to become a professional vlogger, consider the allocation of time, effort, and expense for the YouTube channel. Your goal will be related to how you take care of the vlog.

Doing Research Audience.

Vlogs that you create should be in accordance with the target audience you want. The target audience can be based on hobbies, age range, or gender. For example, vlogging about games will be watched by the game lovers community. So, first set what viewer you want as your subscribers.

Select a Suitable Channel Name.

Choosing a suitable channel name is an important part. Channel names can be based on vlog topics to be created, maker names, name combinations, or other names that are easily remembered by subscribers and viewers.

Create a Logo For YouTube Channel.

You can ask a graphic designer to make the logo look attractive. You can also make the logo simple but easy to remember and recognize. An interesting logo can be used as your intro video.

Ensuring Good Camera Quality.

Movies can be created via video camera or mobile phone (HP). You must confirm the resolution setting of the HP camera when shooting a movie. Video results from low-resolution cameras will result in poor quality movies that affect the loyalty of YouTube audiences.

Set Up Audio and Exposure.

Audio and lighting become the next part of the perfect video. Clear audio and quality sound effects will produce the maximum video. Lighting is very influential when filming indoors. Audio quality is critical when you take outdoor movies.

You may consider buying support equipment for better video quality.

Exercise Taking Video.

You really need to practice taking the movie to a good video angle and comfortable to watch. For beginners, this video-taking technique needs repetitive practice. You also need to practice speaking in front of the camera. If necessary, you can discuss with senior Vloggers to add film capability.

Ginger Antioxidant is Not Only Found in Rhizomes. So Where is It?

People use ginger for spices, natural herbal medicines, and healthy drinks. One reason people like ginger is because of the antioxidant content of ginger. Antioxidant ginger is more popular because people get ginger relatively easily. Generally, people use Ginger Antioxidants sourced from the ginger rhizome.

Eastern countries have known ginger for a long time. They often use it for warm drinks during the rainy season. Ginger drinks have a delicious, warm and refreshing flavor. In addition, ginger drink efficacy as herbal medicine. In general, they mix drinks using tubers or rhizomes. They are also easier to carry and store the ginger rhizome.

Ginger antioxidant
Ginger antioxidant

Easterners know some types of ginger. They can buy in traditional markets, supermarkets, or plant themselves in the garden. The types of ginger include:

Small Yellow Ginger.

This ginger has small segments, rather flat to slightly bulging. This ginger rhizome contains more essential oil so that it tastes spicier.

Red ginger.

The rhizome is red and has a large essential oil content.

Big Yellow Ginger or Elephant Ginger

This ginger has large and fat rhizomes. The ginger rhizome segment is more bulging than the other two varieties. This ginger has a smaller volatile content.

The content of Ginger Essential Oil.

Generally, people generally use ginger rhizomes and dispose of other plant parts. Actually, ginger leaves also have a distinctive aroma that is similar to the rhizome. Does ginger leaves have the same benefits as the rhizome?

Actually, we can test the antioxidant content of ginger in other parts of the plant. One of them, we can try on ginger leaves. We can distill ginger leaves to get essential oils as well as ginger rhizomes. After we get the essential oil, then we can analyze the volatile. We can find out the antioxidant levels of ginger from essential oils.

Actually, we use a lot of plant essential oils. Many plants have essential oils. People refer to essential oils with aetheric oil, essential oil or aromatic oil. Essential oil is a vegetable oil that has a liquid form. This oil easily evaporates at room temperature. This oil has a distinctive aroma. Generally, people use it as a natural perfume or liniment.

Plants produce essential oils as a result of their secondary metabolism. Essential oils have a bitter taste and smell nice according to the smell of the producing plants. Essential oils have biological abilities such as being antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor and neutralizing toxins.

Antioxidant Content of Ginger in Leaves

We can distill ginger leaves to get essential oils. After we get the essential oil, then we can analyze the volatile. We need to test the isolation of essential oils that have been obtained earlier. Well, then we can see the results of the test whether it has the antioxidant capacity or not.

From the results of this test on the isolation of ginger leaf essential oil, it shows that ginger leaves have antioxidant capacity. Ginger leaves have an antioxidant capacity of 0.66 grams equivalent of ascorbic acid (AEAC) / 100 grams of essential oil. This shows that ginger leaves can also be used for antioxidants. However, ginger leaves have a relatively small antioxidant capacity when compared to other Zingiberaceae families.

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