Earthworms As A Solution Kitchen Waste Problems

Facing the problem with kitchen waste?

Domestic waste consists of organic and nonorganic wastes. The largest part of the domestic waste is the organic waste, which we can convert to compost (organic fertilizer).

Earthworm- Solution Kitchen Waste Problems

Compost can be made by using earthworm activity (Lumbricus rubellus) to decompose organic material so that the time required is shorter than composting process conventionally. Lumbricus rubellus worm is a worm that lives in the topsoil, is brownish red and the lower part is pale yellowish.

The existence of earthworms in nature, the process of decomposition of waste is very fast because of organic waste digested by a collection of micro organisms and earthworms. Worms are highly efficient organic waste digesters. Worms eat almost all organic waste. Worms Lumbricus rubellus is very fond of organic waste types of kitchen waste, garden waste, paper, banana stems, livestock manure and others.

The superiority of earthworms as kitchen composers in addition to a shorter decomposition time is a simple process, requiring no heat, no light, and no need to stir or reverse.

Remnants of worms or feces produced by earthworms are rich in nutrients needed by plants. Worm dung is a compost that is often referred to as vermicompost. Vermicompost is easily absorbed by plants, more uniform, and more stable than conventional compost.

The resulting compost can be used as an organic fertilizer to fertilize the land in a private garden or sold to farmers in other areas. Vermicompost is also able to improve soil structure so that the soil is looser and able to overwrite water longer. We no longer need to buy fertilizer or loose soil for use in pots or polybags. Vermicompost can be worn alone or mixed with soil depending on the type of plant being planted. You can also take advantage of excess earthworms as fish feed, fishing bait, chicken feed or animal feed pet.

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