Be careful, Hearing Loss at a Young Age Can Happen ..!

Hearing loss at a young age can affect teenagers who are not concerned about the environment. In addition to rare, teens rarely complain about hearing so that hearing loss at a young age rarely arise.

the contributory factors of hearing lost in children

Why are parents ignorant of the threat of hearing loss at a young age? Hearing loss at a young age or adolescence often occurs unnoticed by parents. This is because in general, hearing loss occurs due to presbicusis factor.
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Agricultural Land Change to Critical Land

Agricultural land can change to critical land. Knowledge of change to critical land is beneficial to support the cultivation of plants in our garden. We will encounter greater obstacles when meeting this critical land than fertile land. How is agricultural land change to critical land?

Critical Land

How did the critical land occur? In essence, critical land occurs due to the continuous decline in land productivity. The decrease in soil productivity is caused by decreased soil fertility.
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Conch River As an Alternative Source of Protein

We need an alternative source of protein for various reasons. Some of us need an alternative source of protein on the grounds of dietary variations. While in developing countries, they need alternative sources of protein due to limited budget and availability of natural resources.

Alternative source of protein
Conch River- alternative source of protein

A small number of people in some countries consume river conch. They cook in different ways, roasted, fried, boiled or cooked like cooking seashells. For the community, shellfish or rice field shell is one alternative source of protein that can be obtained by easy and easy from nature.

Some people may feel disgusted to eat the meat of this river conch because a little slimy. The unattractive shape also makes people lazy to consume river conch.
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Review of Earthquake Resistant Building Structure

The review of earthquake resistant building structures is very useful for residents who live in earthquake areas. They need technical access to earthquake resistant building structures. So they can adjust the resources available around them with earthquake resistant building structures.

earthquake resistant building structures
Earthquake resistant building structures

In order to become a building that is resistant to earthquake then you need to pay attention to the structure of the building. As in the review, this structure will discuss Footings, columns/ post, roofs, and walls.

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