How to Find Bed Bugs at Home

You will find it difficult to find bed bugs at home. Bed bugs can last long without eating so it will be difficult to find bed bugs at home. They occupy the mattress, curtain, sofa, furniture, wallpaper and so on. How can we get rid of bed bugs if it’s hard to find bed bugs at home? To find bed bugs at home, you should recognize the characteristics of bed bugs, know the bite marks of bed bugs and be aware of the presence of bed bugs in your home.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Recognize Characteristics of Bedbugs

Bed bugs or Cimex rotundanus has a reddish-brown color. They have a flat body and as an adult about half a centimeter. They occupy a radius of about 3 to 6 meters from the bed or seat. Bedbugs slipped not far from their food sources. They do not fly or jump but crawl quickly and are very clever to hide.

find bed bugs at home
find bed bugs at home

Bed bugs are blood-sucking vermin. They usually bite when their victims sleep. However, most people do not feel the bite because the bed bugs inject an anesthetic fluid that allows them to suck blood freely. Bed bugs can survive even once a week. Bed bugs do not like dirty areas and dust. They prefer warm places, human blood, and lots of carbon dioxide.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Know the Bitten Marks Bedbugs

Bed bugs are not dangerous, the bites only cause itching. Mattress flea bites can cause an allergic reaction to the human skin. Unlike mosquitoes, bed fleas do not spread infectious diseases. Their bites can cause many people to be emotionally depressed. Bedbound victims can experience insomnia, shyness, and feel an uncomfortable sensation.

There is a special impact which is a feature that we have been bitten by bamboo, namely:

The bitten area becomes red, and the center is dark red.
The bitten area becomes itchy.
You will see the bite area as a straight line if many bells bite you.

If your condition is normal then the bite of this mattress ticks only cause skin redness and itching.

But if there is an allergy, the bite of this mattress will result in itching that accompanied the skin into bubbles or blisters.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Be Aware of Its Existence

Bedbugs have small body size so that adult age, larvae and eggs are difficult to detect. What are the signs that in your home there is a bedbug?

You can check the mattress, mattress frame, and around the bed area to detect the presence of bed bugs. You should look more closely if there is a brown larvae shell.

If you see some blood spot on the sheets. This incident arises because when sleeping your body limbs so that the mattress ticks off.

You smell the musty aroma that is commonly caused by adult bedbugs.

If you see black dots / little black dirt along the mattress, furniture, or shirt. This little black spot is the dirt from the bed bug.

Important Things to Improve the Quality of Home Business Phone Service

You need a home business phone service to keep and grow your home-based business. A good home business phone service is the lifeblood of your business. You can get many new customers, but without home business phone service then you cannot maintain customer loyalty. We can provide home business phone service and home business internet services.

home business phone service
home business phone service

Good customer service quality will create customer loyalty. Satisfied customers will recommend your business to others. And customers want to re-use your business products and services. For those of you who want to build relationships with customers, the key is to increase the role of home business phone service providers. So you’re more likely to approach when marketing your business and then generate sales.

In another article, we’ll cover examples of home-based businesses

Customer Service Neglected

The important thing in home-based business is to keep promises. Often orders exceed production capacity. It’s better that you do not promise if you can not keep up. For example, the company will send an order today, but it turns out you can only ship it tomorrow.

Quality of Home Business Phone Service

Here are the important things to improve your business services.

Lift Phone and Listen to Customer

Customers who call by phone usually have important and urgent matters. For that, make sure you have a reliable call center service. If necessary, you hire employees to pick up customer calls.

The customer who calls you will want to say something. Officers should listen well to what it says so that customers feel valued and you can respond appropriately.

Resolve Complaints Correctly

You receive a customer complaint is one of the risks in doing business. Everyone is not perfect. Your business can not please everyone, sometimes they need something special. You still have to face every complaint and handle it properly, so the problem is over and the customer is not disappointed.

Train your Employees

You should train employees to know the details of their duties in serving customers. Employees must respond well when asked by customers. Employees should be empathetic and should not be unfriendly. You have to teach employees to deal with and please customers right.

Provide Extra Information Services

It’s good service to consumers also provide extra information even if it does not give you a material advantage. Examples of extra services, which provide additional information about how to use the product to last longer, or teach consumers how to assess the quality of the product. The simple thing, but customers will appreciate.

Customer Service Cooperation with Other Parties

If you have limited time then you can delegate the task of home business telephone service on the other side. The other party will represent you in managing customer relationships with professionals. You just do the production function and the marketing function.

Pattern Baldness and Causes of Baldness in Women

We rarely find articles that discuss hair loss and the causes of baldness in women. This is because many people think that baldness is a man’s problem. Currently, about 40 percent of women in the United States suffer from baldness. Hair loss does not mean the causes of baldness in women. When hair loss is not accompanied by growing new hair then this is the causes of baldness in women.

Causes of Baldness in Women.

Baldness in women does not have the same cause. The cause can be one or several factors.

Heredity Factor

Hereditary factors are the main factors that cause baldness in women. Androgenetic is the cause of baldness in women affected by androgen hormones. Every hair on your head has its own cycle. New hair will grow to replace your falling hair. Usually, new hair follicles will replace hair fall out in the same size. However, what occurs at the beginning of baldness is the hair follicles shrink so that new hair grows thinner and smoother in women. Hair follicles shrink so that the cycle of hair growth stops. This is what causes no new hair to grow.


Stress can trigger hair loss and in the long term be the cause of baldness in women. This includes physical stress and emotional stress. Physical stress that affects Telogen effluvium includes surgical trauma, accidents, blood loss. While emotional stress such as divorce, the death of the husband or family members.

Lack of nutritional intake and Anemia

If protein intake is lacking, the body will stop hair growth. Cessation of hair growth occurs about two to three months after the decline in protein intake.

Vitamin B deficiency can also result in hair loss. People in developing countries generally experience this.

Weight loss is too sharp can cause hair loss. Diet process, wrong diet, and eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia can cause hair loss.

About one 10 percent of young women suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss in women. In addition to causing hair loss, anemia will also cause the body feels weak, dizzy, dizzy, pale skin and cold hands/feet.

Immune Too Reactive

The immune system that is too reactive cause hair loss or also called alopecia areata. The immune system regards hair as a foreign body and stops its growth.

Factors of Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal changes and imbalances can trigger hair loss. Application of pregnancy hormones in women can cause hair loss. In some cases, taking birth control pills can also trigger hair loss. Changes in hormonal balance that occurs at the time of menopause can also lead to the same thing.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a female sex hormone imbalance. One of the excess effects of androgen hormones will result in hair loss.

Disease Factors and Treatment

Drugs can cause hair loss. Blood thinners and high blood pressure medications can result in beta-blockers. Other drugs that also cause hair loss are rheumatic drugs, bipolar disorder, ibuprofen, and antidepressants.

Chemotherapy to treat cancer has side effects such as hair loss. Chemotherapy is actually the main target is cancer cells but hair cells are affected.

Other causes can be attributed to allergic reactions to certain chemicals, dyes, straighteners, and additives found in shampoos, conditioners, or other cosmetic products.

Pattern Baldness in Women

Time of baldness

Men tend to experience baldness earlier than women. Men may experience symptoms of a balding head at the age of 21 years and only begin to realize this condition at the age of 35 years.

In general, women are not aware of any signs of thinning or balding hair until the age of 50 or 60.

Bald pattern

In men following the bald pattern in general, namely the loss of hair on the front of the head gradually toward the top of the head. Because of this, men are relatively easier to realize the initial condition of baldness.
In women have different patterns. Women suffer from thinning hair and do not lose hair in certain areas. Women tend to suffer hair loss throughout the head making it more difficult to know.
In some cases the possibility of men and women having the same pattern of baldness.

Hair Loss and Causes of Baldness

You do not need to worry about hair loss because it does not mean the causes of baldness. Losing 50-100 strands of hair per day does not cause problems because new hair will grow. If a lot of hair loss is not accompanied by the growth of new hair then this is the causes of baldness. The causes of baldness are when the scar tissue replaces the damaged hair follicles.

What are the causes of balding head?

causes of baldness
causes of baldness

Some factors may be the cause of balding head. We will discuss it in order to prevent and reduce baldness factor. You can also cope permanently with hair transplant. Hair transplant is a technique of removing hair from areas with sufficient hair to head areas that experience baldness from the same person. In general, the head region with the thickest hair and relatively no baldness process is the back, so often the area they will be used as a donor.

Age Factor to Cause Baldness Head

Age is one of the main factors underlying baldness. Bald heads in males increase sharply with age. The average age of 35-50 years old men begin to experience baldness. Influence of certain diseases and medical treatment can cause baldness in young men. Cases of young men experience relatively rare baldness.

Hereditary Factors Cause Head Baldness

This hereditary factor is the main factor causing baldness. Parents of the father or the mother can lower the factors that cause baldness. If both of these lineages have genetic baldness then the offspring will experience greater baldness. Men tend to experience baldness faster than women. Men can experience baldness at a young age. Pattern baldness that occurs in men is different from the pattern of baldness that occurs in women.

Hair has different cycles. New hair will grow to replace your falling hair. The new hair follicle will replace the hair follicles fall out of the same size. But what happens in the process of baldness is the hair follicles shrink so that new hair grow thinner. Or hair follicles cause new hair shorter and smoother.

Hormone imbalances are Causes of Baldness

Hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes can cause hair loss and eventually the head becomes bald. The hormone that affects most hair grows is the androgen hormone. Dihydrotestosterone too much will reduce the hair follicle so that new hair is difficult to grow and survive.

Steroids will also cause hair loss. Steroids are hormones to increase muscle mass in young men who want to build the body. Steroids lead to too much DHT and abnormally bind.

Hormone imbalance in men is different from women. Women experience hormonal changes usually after menopause. These days women can experience baldness. Nevertheless there are differences of opinion about the period of baldness in this woman.

The prostate gland can also show you symptoms of baldness. Prostant enlargement will be related to high DHT levels. Then signs of baldness will appear along with the emergence of prostate symptoms such as reduced ability to hold urine, or wet the bed.

Medical Conditions and Treatment

Medical conditions can cause rashes, pains, scalp, broken hair or unusual hair loss resulting in baldness. Medical conditions that can cause hair loss resulting in baldness include autoimmune diseases, thyroid gland disorders and skin disorders. The autoimmune system can attack hair follicles. Alopecia areata causes hair loss suddenly and produces small baldness.

Treatment and treatment can result in hair loss. Hair loss can affect people with cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, or contraceptive use.

Agriculture Uses sloping critical land | How to solve?

Farmers will become more difficult if agriculture uses sloping critical land. The earth’s surface span can be either flat or corrugated fields. The hilly topography of the land will cause agriculture to be carried out on hilly terrain. The area on the slopes of this hill has a varied slope. Agriculture on the slopes is the one that faces the problem. Sloping land often turns into critical land (you can read the previous article as a reference: Dry and critical land).

Agriculture uses sloping critical land requires more complex treatment. Generally agriculture uses fertile and flat land. Farming using sloping critical land requires proper management.

sloping critical land
sloping critical land

Why is critical land happening on the sloping ground?

On sloping land often turns into a critical agricultural land for several reasons, including:
First, the destruction of the soil by the blow of rain and the strength of the water current.
Rainwater when it falls directly on the soil surface damages the bonding between soil particles. The next effect, the topsoil will be washed away by the flow of water.
Second, low absorption of groundwater and surface runoff that damage the soil.
Dense and hard soil causes surface water difficult to enter. Water will flow at the surface of the soil causing the destructive force of the soil.

How to handle agriculture using sloping critical land?

The slope of the land can affect the degree of damage to the critical land. The planters manage critical land can apply the rules of soil conservation. The conservation of this land has the following objectives:
Improving and maintaining soil conditions in order to withstand the destruction of the soil by the blow of raindrops and the strength of the flow of water.
Closing the soil surface to be protected from destructive power or rainwater blows.
Enhance soil absorption and regulate the flow of the surface to flow with a non-destructive force.

Planters must take into account the slope of agricultural land it has. On a critical land that has a too sharp slope need the right method. One of the efficient and effective methods of managing critical land at the farm level is the method of making terraces and trenches following contour lines.
This method is done by strengthening the edge of the terrace On the edge of the terraces is reinforced with obstacles or planting annual crops, especially leguminous trees.

The contour terrace is a ridged cross-sectional terrace that follows the contour line. This contour terrace is suitable to be practiced on farms with a slope of 10% -50%.

Contour Terrace on Agriculture uses Sloping Critical Land

The stages of the activities to create a contour terrace is done by using manual tools and digital tools.
1. Determining the location of the beginning terrace.
2. Determining the contour lines.
3. Determining the contour lines next.
4. Determine the distance of the contour line.
5. Making the terrace.

Farmers set the lines and contour spots throughout the agricultural land area first, then continued to make the terrace.

On land with a slope of 10% -50% ideal is a contour terrace, mound terrace, or stone terrace. If the land is very steep so it is difficult to dig the soil, then made retaining terrace (from the log).

Farmers are relatively easier to make this contour terrace compared to other methods. Although this way to deal with agricultural issues with critical land but can to deal with agriculture with fertile land. On fertile farmland, farmers can create terraces to prevent physical damage to the soil resulting in a decrease in soil productivity.