Heat Working Climate and Heat Stress Prevention

Workers’ health may suffer disruption due to a heat working climate. The heat working climate provides the health impact of labor in tropical or non-tropical countries. This is because the impact of a heat working climate can occur in various industrial fields such as steel casting, coal, construction, ceramic glass and so on.

A hot working climate accompanied by heavy physical work will cause heat stress. Therefore we need a way of preventing heat stress.

Heat Working Climate

The working climate is the state of the working environment as measured by the combination of air temperature (wet and dry temperature), air humidity, airflow velocity, and radiant heat with heat production from the human body due to its work. The human body always generates heat as a result of metabolic processes. The body temperature will increase if the body heat discharge process is disrupted.

Work environment with the human body is always interchangeable heat exchange. This heat exchange depends on the ambient temperature (working climate). The work climate load received by the human body causes heat stress to the worker. This is where the work environment requires the prevention of heat stress.

Heat Stress Prevention

There is a significant difference in blood pressure increase in labor before and after exposure to heat. In addition to the blood pressure and pulse response, the thermoregulatory system in the brain (hypothalamus) responds with several control mechanisms such as conduction, convection, radiation, and evaporation in order to maintain body temperature at 36-37 degrees C. However, if exposure is left continuously will cause fatigue and will cause the control mechanism not to work anymore. And in the end, will cause the emergence of heat stress effects.

To assess the importance of heat stress prevention, take a look at the chronology below.

A person wearing protective clothing and doing heavy work in hot and humid conditions may be at risk of heat stress because:

Evaporation of sweat is limited by the type of clothing and environmental moisture.

Heat will be produced in the body, and if the heat is not lost, the body temperature will increase thereby increasing the amount of sweat produced, which can lead to dehydration.

Heart rate also increases that puts an additional burden on the body.

If the body is getting more heat than it can decrease, then the body temperature inside will continue to increase. It finally reaches the point when the body’s own control mechanism starts to fail.

The symptoms will worsen again they keep working under the same conditions.

What are the Symptoms of Heat Stress? Assess the Importance of Heat Stress Prevention

Heat stress can affect individuals in different ways, and some people are more vulnerable to it than others. Typical symptoms are:

Inability to concentrate,
Muscle cramp,
Heat Rash,
Heavens are heavy – the final symptom of heat stress,
Heat exhaustion – fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headache, damp skin.

A comfortable workplace is one of the factors that support the emergence of morale. A hot and humid working environment will reduce work productivity and bring negative impacts on worker safety and health.

Bedbugs Extermination and How to Get Rid of Bedbugs from Your Home

We will find difficulties in bedbugs extermination at home. This is because, in the bedbugs extermination, we must know the existence of the location of his life. Bedbugs with small bodies have large living areas. I can find bedbugs in my bed and also can find a find bedbugs in the kitchen. This is what worries if the bedbugs have spread at home. Therefore we must do the bedbugs extermination and repel the bedbugs from the house.

bedbugs extermination
bedbugs extermination

Bedbugs can attack anyone. You will be easier to handle if it detects from the beginning. Bedbugs can also be carried by any member of your family or guests in your home. You can carry bedbugs accidentally after traveling. You can even find bedbugs in the books you borrow.

Bedbugs Extermination and How to Expel Bedbugs

Soak and wash the sleeping equipment.

You should wash the sheets, mattress,  bedcover, nightgown, and others in water with a temperature of approximately 50 degrees Celsius. Then dry the items with a heat-setting temperature for 30 minutes to disinfect the insects and their larval larvae.

Cleaning the furniture in the bedroom.

You should clean and wash the bedroom furniture that may be infested with bedbugs. Beware of carpets, between beds, wall hangings, and cracks in the walls. A vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the bedbugs in the area. You should be careful when you want to remove the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag. If your mattress is overdone full of bedbugs, it’s good to be replaced with a new one.

Dismantle and Clean the Home Furniture.

The living room sofa, the patio chair, the kitchen dining chair can be the entrance of the bedbug. You can remove parts of the furniture and clean the corners. You can clean the Sofa with fabric with anti-bacterial cleanser.

Cleaning the library shelves and your books can also lower the population of bedbugs. The books you borrow or buy can be a means of carrying bedbugs from outside the home. The situation becomes more severe when the library space together with your bedroom.

Continue to observe regularly the possibility of the return of bedbugs and clean up some areas that are detected there is bedbugs. You may need professional help with bed bugs if the bedbugs often reappear.

Designing a Home Business with Small Capital

You can start a home business with small capital despite having a regular job in the office. You can hire other people or families while still paying attention to professionalism. To improve the productivity of a home business with small capital you still need to consider several things as we discuss below.

Important things to consider in starting a home business with small capital:


You need to consider the business location when dealing directly with customers, the effectiveness of supply, and other matters related to your business.

Types of home businesses that require buyer visits will require a strategic location and parking availability. But if the home business with a small capital that you build this can take advantage of internet home business then you do not need a location that is too strategic.

You can separate production locations and product displays to reduce location charges.


Although a home business with small capital, you should be able to create a comfortable atmosphere to run the business. Employees and customers should feel comfortable to run the transaction. A sense of comfort will make employees increase productivity. The customer will also reorder the transaction and recommend to the contact. Comfort will trigger the continuity of home business with small capital that you run.

Creating a Mature Business Plan

You should prepare a mature business plan. There are several key sections you need to know:

Main Summary: Include ownership details and a summary of the services or products your business offers

Company Overview: Includes a summary of your home business, including vision and mission, and business location details

Product: Contains detailed information about your business goods or services, and how your product meets the existing market demand.

Market Analysis: Contains a summary of the target market and existing competitors.

Financial Summary: Contains your company’s financial condition, including projection, profit and loss analysis and sales assumptions.

Communication Equipment for Home Business with Small Capital

You must take advantage of the advancement of communication technology to support the business. Some basic things needed include:

Computer and printer equipment:

The specifications of these tools depend on the type of business you choose. You can choose laptop for small home business or pc for home business. If you are a video editor or animator, then you need to buy a computer with high processing speed and large memory.

Phone connection:

You need to design home business phone systems. This is so you can separate the use of the phone for personal or business affairs so it is easy to set up priority of phone calls.

home business internet:

You need a stable and fast internet home business to do business. You may need to add an internet network or upgrade an existing service. Home business internet is required for advertising, order, virtual outlet or communication with stake holder. You can also choose home business voip as a tested alternative to communication.

Home business Software:

You need a home business software to support business operations depending on the type of business you choose. There are many software provided by third parties such as home business tax software, home business accounting software, home business payroll software and so on.

Internet Business Services for Pets – Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

In this fast paced and practical era now providing internet business services is the right choice. You can start a business for various sectors including goods production or service business. For those who already have an offline market, you can develop internet business services to expand the market and the range of trade names.

internet business services
internet business services

You can also take advantage of internet business services provided by others. Internet business services that can facilitate the operation, financial and marketing of your products. You can choose internet business services provided by other parties such as accounting services, online store creation services, marketing, graphic design and others. We will write it in the next article.

You can use one or more ways to take advantage of internet business services. You can use for order or business promotion only. Third parties can you use to run the promotion function, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Google AdWords. For interaction, you can use google hangout. Showroom products and business services can take advantage of its own website, marketplace or youtube.


This marketplace is very helpful for internet business people to have their own store page and do activities promo and marketing their products. Not infrequently business owners who already have a physical store also make their store pages in various marketplaces to expand the network and get more customers.


Youtube has become the media of many people in expressing themselves through video. Video in Youtube is in great demand by many people of all ages, groups and genders. Therefore promoting business on Youtube is part of a promotional plan of a business. The main step if you want to promote a business on Youtube is to upload videos through your account and then select the right category for the type of business to be promoted. To find out vlogging tips on Youtube please see the article Vlogging Tips on Youtube for Beginners.

Internet Business Service for Pets – Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

Business Services for Delivery of Animals

You can serve the delivery of pet animals ranging from pick up in place to the port, station, or airport. Business services for the delivery of pet animals may include administrative proceedings, documents and, quarantine pets to the destination.

Pet Sitter Business Services

The business of caring for pets is always crowded. Hobbyists who are busy or traveling for a few days will need it. The hobbyist who goes a few days cannot bear to leave his beloved animal alone at home.

Business Services for Pet Funeral or Cremation Services

Pets often are like family members to animal lovers. The death of a pet becomes a deep sorrow for them. The burial and cremation services of pets are an option for them to provide the best in the last moment. Limitations of time and place are another reason for them needing this service.

Business Services for Grooming Animals

Grooming animals is the most popular services business for animals. Now animal grooming services offer services that vary greatly.

Grooming animals provide many benefits to pets because it is always crowded visitors

The business of Beast Trainer and Coach Services

Services to tame animals and train animals is a unique business of services. This expertise generally comes from self-study of animal patterns and behavior. Services to tame animals are also very varied. Some have a purpose to maintain, such as a weasel or a jungle cat. But there is also for the purpose of removing eg tamer wasps and snakes.

The business of Leasing Services

Animal rental is generally for shooting or for film roles. Animals to rent should already. As for animals to make a movie must be able to perform the action.

How to Start a Side Business? Choosing a Business and Preventing Failure.

Most people do not know how to start a side business. You will feel many obstacles that arise and wonder how to start a side business. If you are a full-time employee of an office then the allocation of time, energy and mind becomes an obstacle that hinders. You can start a side business from home or rent a location. Here are the topics of how to start a side business. You will overcome these internal obstacles and can immediately start a side business.

how to start a side business
how to start a side business

How to Start a Side Business? Choosing a Business

Choosing a Fun Hobby

You are facing the constraints of time constraints, energy and mind can choose the business field of a fun hobby. If you have a hobby of gardening then you can choose to sell gardening tools, or hydroponic courses. If you have a hobby programming software you can open a software development business. You can choose your hobby. By choosing a business according to a hobby then run a business like refreshing. The constraints you face will disappear by itself.

Starting from Unique Ability

You can start a side business by utilizing the unique capabilities you have. Creative activities will make you more comfortable and happier. Examples of side business from among others train children to sing, train animals, train to make unique craft or home brewing ability.

Has a Wide Open Market Opportunity

You in starting a side business from home should choose a sector with a broad market. If your area is a lot of water then a sideline business selling fishing rods will have a wide market. You can choose a business web developer or graphic design if you do not want to be associated with geographic areas.

Retirement Preparation

For private workers, you need to consider a side business in accordance with the pension plan. You can get other benefits. If you have a side business then the jolt of your full time office will not interfere with your financial. You can arrange the stages of a side business plan from home that suits your retirement schedule. At retirement then you just continue to enlarge the side business.

How to Start a Side Business? How to Succeed?

Often a side business from home fails or does not last long. There are some points for your side business to succeed and stay afloat.

Setting Priorities

Many parties experience failure precisely because the ambition wants to quickly succeed. They are wrong in determining priorities in business. They sometimes force themselves to take orders too much so it actually degrades the quality of service.

If you want to develop a side business you should delegate tasks to partners. In this case means maintaining customer loyalty and profit.

Determining Needs

Starting a side business also needs to determine the needs appropriately. You must adjust your funds, time and promotion investments appropriately. Needs must meet the standards of professionalism but not excessive. Side businesses that are managed by means of perfunctory will disrupt the continuation in the future.

You should not spend money, time and thoughts for need-unnecessary needs. Better side business focus on promotion, raw material supply, production process, licensing and create a solid business concept.

Mature Business Planning

Small side businesses still require careful planning. You can create a simple business plan including short-term and long-term goals. You need to define a vision of a business mission, a list of potential networking contacts, management plans and the like. This is important to help business owners when they are going to grow their business. Good planning at the beginning will facilitate entrepreneurs in developing the business in the future.