Agricultural Land Changes to Critical Land

Agricultural land can change to critical land. Knowledge of change to critical land is used to support the cultivation of plants in our garden.

We will encounter greater obstacles when meeting this critical land than fertile land. How is agricultural land change to critical land? How did the critical land occur? In essence, the change to critical land occurs due to the continuous decline in land productivity. The decrease in soil productivity is caused by decreased soil fertility.

Causes of Agricultural Land Changes to Critical Land

There are several factors that cause the conversion of agricultural land into a critical land. The factors causing the change to become the critical land are among others :

Farmers continue to cultivate agricultural land without proper crop management, soil and water.

In some countries, critical land occurs due to shifting cultivation systems accompanied by logging and burning of land.

The practices of agricultural systems that do not take into account the concepts and efforts of soil conservation.

Critical land can occur due to natural disasters, such as field or forest fires, and floods.

change to critical land
change to critical land

The critical land is essentially land where the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the soil are not productive in terms of agriculture. The critical land is mostly caused by physical damage to the soil. The physical damage to the soil is mainly due to the loss of topsoil which is fertile due to erosion. Such land leads to unproductive farming.

Another impact of erosion hazard is the destruction of the hydrological functions of agricultural land, the silting of rivers, reservoirs, dams, waterways, and environmental pollution.

Critical land faces two main issues.

Critical land facing problems encompasses two points of interest.

How to repair/rehabilitate degraded land becomes productive land.

How to prevent the rehabilitated lands from the physical damage of the land based on the geographical location of the land.

We need to consider in terms of cost and technicality to rehabilitate or prevent the emergence of critical land. Difficulties that are too great in dealing with critical land will burden our farming cultivation.

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