Alternative Protein Sources for Milk Allergic Children

One food ingredient that can cause allergies to you or your child is cow’s milk. We increasingly hear cases of cow’s milk allergy as the consumption of cow’s milk increases. Parents use the most cow’s milk to replace the role of breast milk. Therefore you should look for alternative protein sources for milk allergic children.

Actually, cow’s milk has a high popularity as a protein source. People buy cow’s milk not only for children, but also for adult protein drinks. Currently, we know various variants of cow’s milk in stores. The producers produce various types of cow’s milk according to the age of the consumer. Not only that, manufacturers also produce a variety of cow’s milk in a variety of flavors. We can buy according to fruit flavor, original, or chocolate flavor. Dependence on cow’s milk products will cause difficulties if you suffer from cow’s milk allergy. Therefore you need to find alternative protein sources for milk allergic children.

Milk Allergy Process in the Body.

As we wrote in a previous article, that food or drink allergies will cause the immune system to be hostile to the protein in the drink. So, when you consume cow’s milk the body releases histamine which causes allergic symptoms on the skin. For example itching, skin appear reddish spots, or until breathing problems. If you stop drinking cow’s milk, you will decrease protein intake. Therefore you need to provide protein intake from other sources. This is where you need to get an alternative protein sources for milk allergic children.

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Dealing with Milk Allergies.

You can handle milk allergies in children by avoiding consuming cow’s milk. Reducing milk allergic reactions can also be avoided by temporarily consuming dairy products. The patient should see a doctor if the symptoms of milk allergy do not subside.

The actual heavy load when our baby is allergic to cow’s milk. This is because we have difficulty finding alternative protein sources for milk allergic children. One of the best ways to handle cow’s milk allergy for newborns is to intensify giving breast milk.

Alternative Protein Sources for Milk Allergic Children.

Milk allergy is a body’s inert reaction to one or more milk proteins. We need to avoid cow’s milk for a while, at the same time we have to look foralternative protein sources for milk allergic children. Generally, allergic reactions will decrease as you get older.

Sometimes children do not suffer from allergies in all dairy products. However, the most common thing is that children suffer from allergic reactions in almost all cow’s milk derivative products. Children who suffer from milk allergies, should avoid foods containing cow’s milk and derivative products such as butter, butter milk, cheese, cream cheese, creamer, ice cream, milk-based pudding. Some cases of allergic children that arise due to the presence of hidden lactose sources, for example in meat hot dogs, vegetarian burgers, sorbets, and mayonnaise.

You should examine whether the child has allergies to other dairy products. Many children suffer from allergies to cow’s milk but apparently do not suffer from allergies to proteins in goat’s milk. This means you can give goat milk as an alternative protein sources for milk allergic children.

Other products that you might be able to use as alternative protein sources for milk allergic children include soy milk, yogurt from soy milk, and almond milk.