Always Scratching His Body, Maybe Your Dog Is Infected With Scabies

One sign that your dog is infected with scabies is always scratching his body. Scabies in dogs is a skin disease. Mite infestations which are small parasites (cannot be seen without aids) cause scabies. These mites live inside the skin follicles. Therefore dogs will feel itchy and always scratch their bodies. This is the possibility of your dog getting infected with scabies.

Scabies causes damage to your dog’s skin tissue. If your dog is infected with scabies, his body will suffer injuries from scratching. Furthermore, the dog will experience secondary infections due to pathogenic microorganisms. If your dog is infected with scabies then you should protect yourself too. This disease has zoonotic properties which can be transmitted to humans. Dogs can infect you with this disease. You will suffer symptoms of itching and inflammation of the skin after contact with a sick dog.

Cause Your dog is Infected with Scabies.

Mites Sarcoptes scabiei that live in the skin follicle tissue of dogs cause scabies skin disease. Your dog can suffer from scabies because it is infected by dogs or other animals around him. Other animals that can infect your dog scabies such as rabbits or cats. A dirty cage can certainly be a source of this disease. The environment around dirty cages can also cause scabies.

Clinical Symptoms If Your Dog is Infected with Scabies.

If your dog is infected with scabies it will experience itching. Your dog will scratch and rub his body into the cage. Therefore you will see your dog’s hair fall out in the injured area. You will also see inflammation and sores on the skin area infected with scabies. You will see your dog’s skin with red spots. And if this wound becomes severe it will bleed and pus. This inflammation will cause the dog to become a fever. The dog will become less appetite so that the body becomes thin and weak. If this condition will become vulnerable. This is because it can lead to dog death.

If you want to diagnose this disease convincingly, you can ask for help from the community of dog lovers or veterinarians. They will examine the physical and palpation of the wound area. If you really need it, then you can check the skin scrapings of the wound area to find out the cause of the disease.

How to Prevent and Treat Scabies.

To prevent your dog from getting infected with scabies, you should bathe your dog regularly. It’s a good idea to bathe with anti-parasitic shampoo. You need to maintain the cleanliness of the enclosure environment. Often dog owners only focus on cleaning the cage but forget the environment around the cage. You should avoid having your dog come into contact with dogs or other animals that suffer from scabies. Contact with other animals is the main source of transmission so your dog is infected with scabies.

To treat your dog infected with scabies, you can dip and soak with the sulfur solution. If it’s difficult, you can look for a soap that has sulfur content. You can increase the frequency of the bath to stop the progression of the disease. To reduce inflammation and fever, you can give anti-inflammatory drugs. The main action is that you give anti-parasitic drugs. You can provide anti-parasitic drugs such as ivermectin active ingredients. This drug can be through injection, ointment or oral. You can learn to do your own injection or ask for help. This drug is generally more efficacious through injection. To speed up the wound to dry quickly, you can also give antibiotics.

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