Avoid Mistakes in Caring for Marble

Marble is a beautiful natural stone and expensive therefore we should avoid mistakes in caring for marble. Marble has a beautiful pattern that is very varied. The beauty of this marble makes it very popular for a wide range of home furnishings. Therefore it is very important for us to avoid mistakes in caring for marble. Proper care will determine the beauty and lifetime of marble.

avoid mistakes in caring for marble
avoid mistakes in caring for marble

We can not clean or care for the natural stone of marble in vain because it will affect the beauty and strength of marble. Below are some things very necessary to avoid mistakes in caring for marble.

Install and Coating – Avoid Mistakes in Caring for Marble

Installing Inaccurately

You should keep an eye on the builders when installing marble. Carpenters should check the bottom of the marble do not have a cavity. This cavity will make the marble brittle so easily cracked and broken. You should not rush to fill the grout before the dried marble specimen part because it will likely appear dark stains on the area around the grout.

Not Giving Coating

Polishing this marble stone has a purpose to avoid long-term damage to marble. Moss, stains, and scratches can cause damage to the marble. In addition to this, coatings can also make the marble becomes more shiny and display luxury.

Furniture – Avoid Mistakes in Caring for Marble

Avoid Rough Furniture

You should avoid using rough or sharp furnishings on the offending marble. Rough or sharp-edged furnishings will damage the marble surface. You can install a protector at the bottom of the furniture, such as at the foot of the table, chairs, beds, and others.

Do not Move Furniture

If you want to change the furniture layout, it should not shift the furniture. You can move or add furniture by lifting or using a wheeled tool. Sliding light furniture will damage the marble layer.

Use a Soft Mat

We can use marble natural stone for marble floor or marble table. If you have a marble table you should use a placemat. We use cooking and eating utensils often come from rough metals, stones, wood or rough porcelain. You often like food in a hot dish. These things will be worried if the direct contact with the marble will scratch or damage the beauty of marble. You can use a base mat or placemat made of fabric, rubber or other soft synthetic materials. Do not use placemat from plastic, mica, bamboo or wood.

Cleaning Marble – Avoid Mistakes in Caring for Marble

Immediately Cleaning Stains

You should immediately clean the stain, do not delay too long. Stains of paint, ink, or chemicals will cause scars and spots that will damage the beauty of marble. Therefore, the easiest act of caring for marble is to immediately clean the stains. You should also clean more frequently on marble floors that often receive dust or other hard dirt. This is because it can cause scratching of marble layers.

Cleaning with the Right Method

If you are cleaning marble or marble mops should be the right method. Do not use ingredients and haphazard ways, this is because not all materials are suitable for marble. You do not use a coarse rag, because a coarse rag will scratch the marble. Always rinse with clean water until the surface of the marble is completely clean. And you have to dry the marble with a cloth until it is completely dry.

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