Black Stained Natural Stones. How to Overcome It?

Natural stone has many fans in the exterior and interior design of the house. This is because natural stone is able to shape the beauty of character in a variety of home styles. But we often see natural stones stained black. Or natural stone slowly becomes dull. Often homeowners do not realize that natural stones are stained black.

Natural stone is a natural object that has physical and strong endurance. This makes homeowners not caring regularly. One problem with natural stones is black stained natural stones. These problems can arise due to the influence of environmental, weather, and human factors. Black stained natural stones will make the house look bleak.

Besides the problem of black stained natural stones, we can find other problems in natural stone. These problems include mossy natural stones, natural stones that appear to be dewy inside, visible on the edge of natural stone, peeling protective layers, and the release of natural stones from the installation. Each problem requires different handling. And at a low level, we can deal with these problems ourselves before asking for help from a natural stone expert.

We can find black stained natural stones at locations outside the home or inside the house. For example, we find it in small parks, fences, bathroom walls, floors, and so on. Black stained natural stones can override all types of natural stone. Black stained natural stones can occur on cemented natural stones or distributed natural stones. For example, natural stones are spread as boundaries of paths and plants in small parks.

Handling Black Stained Natural Stones.

Black stained natural stones can override all types of natural stone. But black stains on natural stones are more common in natural stones that have a smooth texture. Natural stones have fine textures, for example, sandstone, local stone, and other nonsolid stones according to local names. To overcome this problem, we can clean the stone with a brush, use sandpaper, and grinding. We must be careful in doing these methods. This is because this method can reduce the quality of the natural stone. This method can erode natural stone so that it changes shape.

After you clean the blackened layer, then the natural stone floor is polished with exterior polish. Generally, protective paints contain anti-bacterial and oil content that is able to restore the color of natural stone to sharp and bright so it does not look dull.

Preventing and Caring for Black Stained Natural Stones

We should treat natural stones by cleaning regularly. Don’t let the water stagnate too long in the area of natural stone. To clean natural stone floors on a regular basis, you can use cleaning fluids for ceramics which are mostly sold in stores. You can also buy cleaning fluids specifically for natural stones. After making a cleaning solution, you can flush the surface of the natural stone floor. Brush the ceramic surface so that the dirt that sticks to the floor is lost and clean.

You can soak natural stones in cleaning fluid to clean the scattered natural stones. You can use a brush to clean the small cracks on the natural stone floor.

Then you can rinse with water until it is completely clean. Dry the natural stone or use a dry cloth to dry the water on the floor. Once it is completely dry, you can use protective paint. You can use polish to maintain and care for natural stone coatings so as not to peel off and the color of the floor becomes brighter.

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