Buildings Damage caused by Earthquakes.

Buildings damage caused by earthquakes can be severe or mild. Buildings damage caused by earthquakes depends on the condition of the building and the strength of the earthquake. There are several points of Buildings damage caused by earthquakes are more severe than other buildings.

Buildings damage caused by earthquakes
Buildings damage caused by earthquakes

Strong earthquakes can cause damaged facilities and infrastructure. Some scientific studies concluded that the damage to buildings by the earthquake occurred in many residential buildings inhabited by people with middle to lower income. The damage encountered can be either one or a combination of damage to the roof, walls, and foundations.

Building Damage caused by Earthquakes: Roof Sections

Sharp angle roof cover will be sliding due to unbound tiles with battens.

The earthquake will cause the roof covering scattered. This is because some of the battens and rugs have been weathered.

The roof frame that is not tied to the wall (not drained at the ends of the pedestal) causes the roof of the roof is less stable. Earthquakes will move the roof easily.

Ceiling/ceiling collapsed due to the bonding hanger is weak and heavy ceiling load. Cockets and practical columns that do not have a strong bond because there is no armature-armature that unites it. In addition, the practical column bonds with the ring balk are inadequate so that the structural elements do not work and there is damage to the building at the time of the building in the quake shock.

Building Damage caused by Earthquakes: Wall Sections

Buildings are not given lintel blocks that serve as horizontal binders to withstand earthquakes.

Tempus of mountains (ampigs) that are not given the strengthening of the top of the wall and the quality of building materials that do not meet the requirements. Such a wall would easily collapse during an earthquake.

Unconfined vertical reinforcement mounts will cause damage to the middle during an earthquake.

Buildings that do not use fastening frames (practical columns and ring balks) of reinforced concrete make the building very fragile. Earthquakes will knock down buildings like this all of a sudden.

Support placement is not strong enough to withstand the frame load of the building-caused horses not using the load-bearing element of reinforced concrete (practical columns and ring balks) at the bottom of the frame of the roof’s horses so that the building is damaged in the event of an earthquake.

Building walls only have half height only with wooden poles as a buffer roof. A large roof load will weigh on a weak wooden pole so that during an earthquake, the building column is unable to withstand the horizontal load caused by earthquakes. This resulted in the building collapsing.

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