Can We Get Rid of Mice with Kitchen Spices

Generally, we expel mice by using traps but we can actually get rid of mice with kitchen spices. We get many benefits if we get rid of mice with kitchen spices instead of using poisons. If you use poisons often cause new problems. Problems that may arise such as hidden rat carcasses that cause unpleasant odors, difficulty throwing dead carcasses or even poisons can threaten the safety of our pets.

The most important thing when using kitchen spices is the ease of obtaining ingredients. We can get rid of mice with kitchen spices that are available in our homes. Kitchen spices also do not contain toxic residues that can interfere with the safety of members of our house. Therefore we are very important to know how to get rid of mice with kitchen spices.

How to Get Rid of Mice with Kitchen Spices.

Rats rely on smell in foraging so that they will feel uncomfortable if their olfactory function is disturbed.


Cloves contain essential oils that function as anesthetics and antimicrobials. People often use this clove oil content to eliminate microbes in herbal medicine. In some areas, people often use cloves to treat toothache and bad breath. Apart from this, it turns out that cloves also have benefits that interfere with smell and rat habitat. You can sprinkle dried powder or cloves in areas where mice often pass.

Bay leaf

Actually, bay leaf is one of the flavoring ingredients. Bay leaves contain essential oils, Citral, eugenol, tannins, flavonoids, and methyl chavicol. The results of this bay leaf extract also function as an antifungal and antibacterial agent. Mice apparently did not like the smell of this bay leaf. You can use bay leaves like cloves. You only put bay leaves in places where mice often pass.

Red onion

In some tropical regions, shallots are one of the main ingredients in cooking. Shallot contains flavonoids and phenol which are active compounds in shallots. The content of this compound can make you shed tears when peeling the skin. This is why mice also don’t like the smell of shallots. You can use red onion like cloves and bay leaves. But you have to slice it first so that the onion releases the contents of the compound.

Pepper Powder

Pepper has a pungent aroma and a spicy taste that mice don’t like. If you sprinkle powder in a place that is often traversed by mice, the mouse will avoid the road. You can also sow the area around the rat’s nest so that the mice don’t feel at home and go find nests elsewhere.

Chili Powder

Chili powder has a sharp aroma and a more spicy flavor than pepper. If you sprinkle on a road that is often traversed by mice it will make the mice avoid the road. This is because the smell of rats becomes disturbed. You should be careful that chili powder does not hit your eyes.

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