Canna as an Alternative to Gluten Intolerance

We can develop canna as an alternative to gluten intolerance. Canna (Canna edulis) or Queensland arrowroot is one of the types of yams that spread in the South American region, to Asia, especially Indonesia. These tubers have two types, namely white canna, and red canna. Generally, these tubers are an alternative to the main food ingredients. This is because canna contains high carbohydrates.

Although it can replace the main food ingredients, the community does not actively plant Canna. Generally, they allow canna plants to grow wild. So that we will often see canna plants growing less fertile areas. A small portion of the community planted on their unmanaged area.

People harvest Canna yams once a year. They generally use it as an alternative food. The community has not researched and utilized Canna as an alternative to gluten intolerance. Although the community uses it as an alternative food, processed products that use Canna are still small. Generally, the people process canna into canna starch, ingredients for making traditional drinks, and boiling.

Content of Canna as an alternative to Gluten intolerance.

Canna contains carbohydrates and is rich in fiber. Canna has the potential as a base for making healthy food products. Actually, we can use Canna as an alternative to Gluten intolerance. Canna yam is a gluten-free food. Therefore, patients with gluten intolerance are safe to consume Canna.

Apart from the advantages of canna as an alternative to gluten intolerance, canna has a low glycemic index (≤ 55). The Glycemic Index is a number that measures the fluctuations in blood sugar content caused during the process of digesting food. The lower glycemic index value of food indicates less influence on blood sugar. This means that canna affects smaller blood sugar.

There are other foods including gluten-free, namely red beans (Vigna angularis). Red beans have a high protein content so they can be a source of protein.

Developing Canna-Based Products.

We need research to develop food products from canna based ingredients. Developing this product to achieve the goal of canna as an alternative to gluten intolerance. In addition, so that people benefit from canna-based foods. We can process canna into various finished products and raw material products. The community may have started to develop some of these canna-based products, among others, canna flour, noodles, and bakery products. By creating various variations, it is easier for canna as an alternative to gluten intolerance.

Actually, canna flour can replace other flour because the process is simpler. Canna also produces more yields. If we process the canna sweet potato into whole flour, it can produce as much as 20% yield. Whereas if we process canna into starch flour, then it yields as much as 10% yield.

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