Komodo Dragon, A Dangerous Giant Lizard

Komodo is a dangerous giant lizard. Komodo is indeed an ancient animal but Komodo dragon has become one of the most effective killer animals. It’s really a dangerous giant lizard. In a small island habitat, he topped the food pyramid. Komodo looks like an amazing animal that managed to survive across the ages but at the same time a deadly figure.

Slow Predators

Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) is the largest lizard species in the world that lives on Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Flores Island, Gili Motang Island, and Gili Dasami Island in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

dangerous giant lizard
dangerous giant lizard

With an adult body weight between 70 to 95 kg, dragons have a maximum flight speed of only 20 km/hour. This includes slowly for predators at the top of the food pyramid. Komodo ambush prey when they are careless.

Bite Not Strong / Weak.

Komodo dragons have a creepy shape and are known as dangerous giant lizards. However, as a predator, dragons have a bite that is not strong. Several studies have revealed that Komodo-bitten is not strong. The researchers give the meat to the dragons. They let the komodo eat it, then measure the strength of the bite. Researchers say although the Komodo dragon has a weak but very lethal bite.

Komodo becomes an ancient animal that still survives in the modern world. This reptile is thought to have lived from the time of the Early Terrarum (50-60 million years ago) along with the lifetime of dinosaurs. As a predator, dragons have small teeth. Komodo has teeth that texture like shark teeth. Teeth with a pointed triangular shape.

Komodo dragon has a function to paralyze the prey. With strong teeth and grip jaws, Komodo dragons are able to release all parts of their prey bodies and devour them one by one until they run out. Komodo dragons are not to chew because the Komodo dragon swallows its prey, like snakes or crocodiles. Komodo dragon is able to tear the skin and remove the meat of prey.

A Dangerous Giant Lizards. How Komodo Dragon Paralyzing prey??

These reptiles are often crowned as the most dangerous reptiles in the world. How to paralyze the prey is also most unique. It does not kill its prey by hunting prey like other predators. Komodo dragons have salivary capital (saliva) filled with bacteria. These bacteria reach up to 80 species.

Komodo will tear its prey with its bite and give a bloody gaping wound. Bleeding due to Komodo bite is relatively difficult to stop. A powerful Komodo dragon will have a severe bite impact. Komodo also moves the bacteria in saliva to the prey. Severe bleeding and bacterial infections cause the prey to be unsustainable. In less than a week, the prey has died. Komodo follows his prey patiently based on his sense of smell.

Komodo takes advantage of its prey. In a case, there is a tourist on Komodo Island photographing too close to the dragons. Komodo-bitten victims are like fighting against time. A little late in handling the effects of Komodo dragons can be fatal.

Heat Working Climate and Heat Stress Prevention

Workers’ health may suffer disruption due to a heat working climate. The heat working climate provides the health impact of labor in tropical or non-tropical countries. This is because the impact of a heat working climate can occur in various industrial fields such as steel casting, coal, construction, ceramic glass and so on.

A hot working climate accompanied by heavy physical work will cause heat stress. Therefore we need a way of preventing heat stress.

Heat Working Climate

The working climate is the state of the working environment as measured by the combination of air temperature (wet and dry temperature), air humidity, airflow velocity, and radiant heat with heat production from the human body due to its work. The human body always generates heat as a result of metabolic processes. The body temperature will increase if the body heat discharge process is disrupted.

Work environment with the human body is always interchangeable heat exchange. This heat exchange depends on the ambient temperature (working climate). The work climate load received by the human body causes heat stress to the worker. This is where the work environment requires the prevention of heat stress.

Heat Stress Prevention

There is a significant difference in blood pressure increase in labor before and after exposure to heat. In addition to the blood pressure and pulse response, the thermoregulatory system in the brain (hypothalamus) responds with several control mechanisms such as conduction, convection, radiation, and evaporation in order to maintain body temperature at 36-37 degrees C. However, if exposure is left continuously will cause fatigue and will cause the control mechanism not to work anymore. And in the end, will cause the emergence of heat stress effects.

To assess the importance of heat stress prevention, take a look at the chronology below.

A person wearing protective clothing and doing heavy work in hot and humid conditions may be at risk of heat stress because:

Evaporation of sweat is limited by the type of clothing and environmental moisture.

Heat will be produced in the body, and if the heat is not lost, the body temperature will increase thereby increasing the amount of sweat produced, which can lead to dehydration.

Heart rate also increases that puts an additional burden on the body.

If the body is getting more heat than it can decrease, then the body temperature inside will continue to increase. It finally reaches the point when the body’s own control mechanism starts to fail.

The symptoms will worsen again they keep working under the same conditions.

What are the Symptoms of Heat Stress? Assess the Importance of Heat Stress Prevention

Heat stress can affect individuals in different ways, and some people are more vulnerable to it than others. Typical symptoms are:

Inability to concentrate,
Muscle cramp,
Heat Rash,
Heavens are heavy – the final symptom of heat stress,
Heat exhaustion – fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headache, damp skin.

A comfortable workplace is one of the factors that support the emergence of morale. A hot and humid working environment will reduce work productivity and bring negative impacts on worker safety and health.

Bedbugs Extermination and How to Get Rid of Bedbugs from Your Home

We will find difficulties in bedbugs extermination at home. This is because, in the bedbugs extermination, we must know the existence of the location of his life. Bedbugs with small bodies have large living areas. I can find bedbugs in my bed and also can find a find bedbugs in the kitchen. This is what worries if the bedbugs have spread at home. Therefore we must do the bedbugs extermination and repel the bedbugs from the house.

bedbugs extermination
bedbugs extermination

Bedbugs can attack anyone. You will be easier to handle if it detects from the beginning. Bedbugs can also be carried by any member of your family or guests in your home. You can carry bedbugs accidentally after traveling. You can even find bedbugs in the books you borrow.

Bedbugs Extermination and How to Expel Bedbugs

Soak and wash the sleeping equipment.

You should wash the sheets, mattress,  bedcover, nightgown, and others in water with a temperature of approximately 50 degrees Celsius. Then dry the items with a heat-setting temperature for 30 minutes to disinfect the insects and their larval larvae.

Cleaning the furniture in the bedroom.

You should clean and wash the bedroom furniture that may be infested with bedbugs. Beware of carpets, between beds, wall hangings, and cracks in the walls. A vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the bedbugs in the area. You should be careful when you want to remove the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag. If your mattress is overdone full of bedbugs, it’s good to be replaced with a new one.

Dismantle and Clean the Home Furniture.

The living room sofa, the patio chair, the kitchen dining chair can be the entrance of the bedbug. You can remove parts of the furniture and clean the corners. You can clean the Sofa with fabric with anti-bacterial cleanser.

Cleaning the library shelves and your books can also lower the population of bedbugs. The books you borrow or buy can be a means of carrying bedbugs from outside the home. The situation becomes more severe when the library space together with your bedroom.

Continue to observe regularly the possibility of the return of bedbugs and clean up some areas that are detected there is bedbugs. You may need professional help with bed bugs if the bedbugs often reappear.

How to Find Bed Bugs at Home

You will find it difficult to find bed bugs at home. Bed bugs can last long without eating so it will be difficult to find bed bugs at home. They occupy the mattress, curtain, sofa, furniture, wallpaper and so on. How can we get rid of bed bugs if it’s hard to find bed bugs at home? To find bed bugs at home, you should recognize the characteristics of bed bugs, know the bite marks of bed bugs and be aware of the presence of bed bugs in your home.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Recognize Characteristics of Bedbugs

Bed bugs or Cimex rotundanus has a reddish-brown color. They have a flat body and as an adult about half a centimeter. They occupy a radius of about 3 to 6 meters from the bed or seat. Bedbugs slipped not far from their food sources. They do not fly or jump but crawl quickly and are very clever to hide.

find bed bugs at home
find bed bugs at home

Bed bugs are blood-sucking vermin. They usually bite when their victims sleep. However, most people do not feel the bite because the bed bugs inject an anesthetic fluid that allows them to suck blood freely. Bed bugs can survive even once a week. Bed bugs do not like dirty areas and dust. They prefer warm places, human blood, and lots of carbon dioxide.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Know the Bitten Marks Bedbugs

Bed bugs are not dangerous, the bites only cause itching. Mattress flea bites can cause an allergic reaction to the human skin. Unlike mosquitoes, bed fleas do not spread infectious diseases. Their bites can cause many people to be emotionally depressed. Bedbound victims can experience insomnia, shyness, and feel an uncomfortable sensation.

There is a special impact which is a feature that we have been bitten by bamboo, namely:

The bitten area becomes red, and the center is dark red.
The bitten area becomes itchy.
You will see the bite area as a straight line if many bells bite you.

If your condition is normal then the bite of this mattress ticks only cause skin redness and itching.

But if there is an allergy, the bite of this mattress will result in itching that accompanied the skin into bubbles or blisters.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Be Aware of Its Existence

Bedbugs have small body size so that adult age, larvae and eggs are difficult to detect. What are the signs that in your home there is a bedbug?

You can check the mattress, mattress frame, and around the bed area to detect the presence of bed bugs. You should look more closely if there is a brown larvae shell.

If you see some blood spot on the sheets. This incident arises because when sleeping your body limbs so that the mattress ticks off.

You smell the musty aroma that is commonly caused by adult bedbugs.

If you see black dots / little black dirt along the mattress, furniture, or shirt. This little black spot is the dirt from the bed bug.

Hair Loss and Causes of Baldness

You do not need to worry about hair loss because it does not mean the causes of baldness. Losing 50-100 strands of hair per day does not cause problems because new hair will grow. If a lot of hair loss is not accompanied by the growth of new hair then this is the causes of baldness. The causes of baldness are when the scar tissue replaces the damaged hair follicles.

What are the causes of balding head?

causes of baldness
causes of baldness

Some factors may be the cause of balding head. We will discuss it in order to prevent and reduce baldness factor. You can also cope permanently with hair transplant. Hair transplant is a technique of removing hair from areas with sufficient hair to head areas that experience baldness from the same person. In general, the head region with the thickest hair and relatively no baldness process is the back, so often the area they will be used as a donor.

Age Factor to Cause Baldness Head

Age is one of the main factors underlying baldness. Bald heads in males increase sharply with age. The average age of 35-50 years old men begin to experience baldness. Influence of certain diseases and medical treatment can cause baldness in young men. Cases of young men experience relatively rare baldness.

Hereditary Factors Cause Head Baldness

This hereditary factor is the main factor causing baldness. Parents of the father or the mother can lower the factors that cause baldness. If both of these lineages have genetic baldness then the offspring will experience greater baldness. Men tend to experience baldness faster than women. Men can experience baldness at a young age. Pattern baldness that occurs in men is different from the pattern of baldness that occurs in women.

Hair has different cycles. New hair will grow to replace your falling hair. The new hair follicle will replace the hair follicles fall out of the same size. But what happens in the process of baldness is the hair follicles shrink so that new hair grow thinner. Or hair follicles cause new hair shorter and smoother.

Hormone imbalances are Causes of Baldness

Hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes can cause hair loss and eventually the head becomes bald. The hormone that affects most hair grows is the androgen hormone. Dihydrotestosterone too much will reduce the hair follicle so that new hair is difficult to grow and survive.

Steroids will also cause hair loss. Steroids are hormones to increase muscle mass in young men who want to build the body. Steroids lead to too much DHT and abnormally bind.

Hormone imbalance in men is different from women. Women experience hormonal changes usually after menopause. These days women can experience baldness. Nevertheless there are differences of opinion about the period of baldness in this woman.

The prostate gland can also show you symptoms of baldness. Prostant enlargement will be related to high DHT levels. Then signs of baldness will appear along with the emergence of prostate symptoms such as reduced ability to hold urine, or wet the bed.

Medical Conditions and Treatment

Medical conditions can cause rashes, pains, scalp, broken hair or unusual hair loss resulting in baldness. Medical conditions that can cause hair loss resulting in baldness include autoimmune diseases, thyroid gland disorders and skin disorders. The autoimmune system can attack hair follicles. Alopecia areata causes hair loss suddenly and produces small baldness.

Treatment and treatment can result in hair loss. Hair loss can affect people with cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, or contraceptive use.

Components and How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids can be used as an alternative to overcome some types of hearing loss. To understand how hearing aids work we need to know the components that makeup and the working principle. By knowing how hearing aids work, we will understand the health value and reduce the bad effects of noise. Hearing aids work to help people with hearing loss from the various medical side.

hearing aids work
hearing aids work

The conductive hearing loss does not always require hearing aids as it medically can heal. Hearing aids work to help overcome this type of hearing loss in a few cases. Medical rarely able to overcome the sufferer Sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids work to help this type of patient.

Patients with Mixed Hearing Loss also need help from hearing aids.

In the previous article, we already know that the noise that hits the ear in a long time can cause hearing loss. ( See How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Children?) . Cases that often occur in adolescence is the result of adolescents like to play online games with a loud voice for example and the impact of low-quality equipment. At this stage, we will learn how the hearing aid works to help people with hearing loss.

Hearing aids work with the following working principles:

The sound source raises the voice frequency that is the input received by the mic. Mic changes the sound frequency from sound signals to electrical signals and continues the process in Amplifier. Amplifiers process the electrical signals by filtering out the sound of conversations and noise. This amplifier will clarify the speech sound signals and minimize the noise signal.

Signals that have been processed by the amplifier will continue to be processed by the receiver. The receiver converts the electrical signal into an enlarged and clean sound. The receiver is the earphone-shaped speaker as the output. The receiver’s sound is the same as the sound source.

Components that Support Hearing Aids Work

In summary, the components of hearing aid include:


The resistor is an inhibiting electronics component with Ohm unit. Mixtures of carbon or graphite carbon and ceramic are the ingredients for creating receptor elements.


The capacitor is a component consisting of two metal plates separated by an isolator with a Farad unit. This capacitor receives electrical signals and stores them in relative time. The isolator on this capacitor shows the name of the capacitor.

IC (Integrated Circuit)

IC is a combination of several electronic components in united in the form of chips. Semiconductor material is a combination of resistors, capacitors, diodes and integrated transistors are materials to make Integrated Circuit.


The potentiometer is a resistor whose resistance value can be changed by rotating the available shaft. Potentiometers are used to control the volume of various audio equipment.


A battery is a device that supplies electrical energy through a chemical process.

Mic (Microphone)

The microphone is a transducer that detects voice signals and produces electrical signals. When the microphone receives a sound signal, the sound signal vibrates the membrane as a result of the small wire coil that lies behind the membrane vibrating. A small permanent magnet creates a magnetic field that will surround the wire coil. The movement of small wire coils in the magnetic field will result in the formation of electrical signals.


Speakers or loudspeakers are transducers that convert electrical signals to audio (sound) by vibrating their membrane-shaped components. Speakers carry electrical signals and turn them back into vibrations to create sound waves. Diaphragms and Magnets are important elements in the speaker system.


A switch is a device to disconnect the power grid or to connect it.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LEDs are diode type electronic components capable of emitting light.

How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Children?

You already know about hearing loss in children or young age from previous articles on “Be careful, Hearing Loss at a Young Age. Can Happen ..”. You need to pay attention to the major components that trigger hearing loss in children. The main component to note is the time and amount of sound intensity received by the ears of our children. By knowing the main components of the parent can prevent hearing loss in children.

The ear is a sensory device that has the function of hearing the sounds around you so you can identify its existence. The ear is able to capture the vibrations of sound from the environment and turn it into an impulse in the nervous system and then translated by the brain.

hearing loss in children
hearing loss in children

The sound travels to the ear, and by the ear, the sound is collected and directs the vibration through the earhole to the eardrum.
The vibration of the sound that concerns the eardrum will cause the eardrums to shake.

The Sound Intensity Acceptable to the Human Ear – hearing loss in children

Sound intensity is the amount of energy per unit time per unit area perpendicular to the direction of propagation. The sound intensity acceptable to the human ear has a limit. Sound intensity limits are as follows:

1) The smallest intensity that can still cause auditory stimuli in the human ear is 10-12 W / m2 at a frequency of 1000 Hz and is called the Hearing Threshold Intensity.

2) The greatest intensity that can still be received by the human ear without pain is 1 W / m2. Thus, the lowest hearing loss in humans is 10 -12 W / m2 and the highest hearing limit in humans is 1 W / m2.

The ear has a hearing limit that depends on the amount of sound and time period. The bigger the sound the hearing ability of the human ear is getting smaller.

Human Hearing Limit Table
90 dB 8 hours
92 dB 6 hours
95 dB 4 hours
97 dB 3 hours
100 dB 2 hours
105 dB 1 hour
110 dB 30 minutes
115 dB 15 minutes

Causes of hearing loss in Children

There are several kinds of hearing loss that is influenced by the affected part:

Conductive hearing Loss.

Problems occur in the outer or middle ear associated with the delivery of sound. The cause of earwax accumulation, external ear infections, wounds on the eardrum and heredity. The conductive hearing loss may be medically cured.

Sensorineural hearing loss

Problems in the inner ear that is in the cochlea or hearing nerve. This type of disorder is generally caused by damage to the hair cells in the cochlea due to aging or damaged by a sound that is too hard. Hearing loss Sensorineural hearing loss is rarely medically resolvable, but hearing aids can be helpful.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Hearing loss conditions are conductive and sensorineural. Generally, people with this type of hearing loss can be helpful when using hearing aids.

Be careful, Hearing Loss at a Young Age Can Happen ..!

Hearing loss at a young age can affect teenagers who are not concerned about the environment. In addition to rare, teens rarely complain about hearing so that hearing loss at a young age rarely arise.

Why are parents ignorant of the threat of hearing loss problems in their children? Hearing lost in children or adolescents often occurs unnoticed by parents. This is because in general, hearing loss occurs due to Presbycusis factor.

hearing loss at a young age
hearing loss at a young age

Presbycusis occurs in the elderly. Presbycusis is a hearing loss of neural sensors in the elderly due to the process of degeneration of the hearing organ that occurs slowly. Hearing loss due to presbicusis factor occurs symmetrically on both sides of the ear and can not be cured. Hearing Aids can help people with age-related hearing loss Presbycusis this type. Free-technews.info will display the article in the future. Parents need to pay particular attention to preventing hearing loss in children and adolescents.

Hearing Loss at Young Ages Due to Exceeding Limit Sound.

Hearing loss in children or adolescents can occur due to sounds that exceed the hearing limit. The sounds we hear are vibrations of sound source objects that vibrate the air around them and through the air medium, the sound travels to our eardrums. Sound is the movement of waves in the air. The sound source converts the nearest particle from a stationary position to a moving particle. The energy contained in sound can increase rapidly and can travel a great distance.

Hearing lost in young age, children or adolescents can occur due to sounds that are too long received ear, in addition to exceeding the hearing limit. Most parents do not care about seeing her children and her peers who always wear earphones in plenty of time. Earphones or headphones become a faithful companion for teenagers as well as adults. Many equipment that utilizes voice features to maximize the satisfaction of consumers, such as television, car audio, home theater, computer games, mobile phones and others. Some additional equipment such as sirens, exhausts have an extra loud sound.

Actually there is another side of technological developments that cause negative effects, one of which the effect on hearing loss. Many of these devices have poor quality. Poor audio equipment quality can also be one of the contributory factors of hearing loss

Hearing Loss at Young Ages – Noise Induce Hearing Lost (NIHL).

The most common hearing loss due to the effects of technological development is Noise Induce Hearing Lost (NIHL). People are too engrossed to play new games on the computer for example, often forget the noise is too noisy. Who is the most enthusiastic about technological development? Yeah, right, young generation. Children and adolescents suffer from hearing loss if the use of modern equipment is not suitable for their capacity or exceeds a safe range in use.

A simple method to prevent your children from hearing loss Noise Induce Hearing Lost (NIHL) is paying attention to the use of modern equipment. You must limit the time of use of the equipment and the intensity of the sound (volume). Choose audio equipment that has good quality.

River Conch As an Alternative Source of Protein.

We need an alternative source of protein for various reasons. Some of us need an alternative source of protein on the grounds of dietary variations. While in developing countries, they need alternative sources of protein due to limited budget and availability of natural resources.

A small number of people in some countries consume river conch. They cook in different ways, roasted, fried, boiled or cooked like cooking seashells. For the community, shellfish or rice field shell is one alternative source of protein that can be obtained by easy and easy from nature.

alternative source of protein
alternative source of protein

Some people may feel disgusted to eat the meat of this river conch because a little slimy. The unattractive shape also makes people lazy to consume river conch.

Is it true that this river conch is an alternative source of protein?

The protein content of river conchs reaches 12% per 100 gram. When compared to beef only slight difference because beef contains protein that reaches 18% per 100 grams. So, this snail meat deserves in use as one of an alternative source of protein. When viewed the cost to get it, the river snails hardly cost anything. This snail is derived from the wild and no one has cultivated it.

The conch meat has a sweet taste like a shell with a chewy and fibrous texture. That’s why river shells can be cooked with a variety of recipes and have fans.

In addition to protein, the nutritional content of snails includes calcium 217 mg, calories 90 calories, fat 1 gram, sodium 70 mg, Carbohydrates 2 grams, vitamin A 2%, niacin and water 81 grams.

The river conch should be cooked in a good way for maximum taste and eliminate the smell of mud. You should soak and wash it over and over with a clean so that the smell of mud and mucus is lost.

This chewy snails need cooking time equivalent to cooking beef or chicken. You can boil, fry, roast or combine cooking methods to grow the maximum taste. You can use marine shellfish recipes.

In some areas of the country, these river shells are believed to have herbal properties. High calcium content makes this snail used for healing bone problems. And in some places also believed to cure hemorrhoids.

Eliminate Body Odor with Herbs

Many people have a problem with the smell of sweat so sharp that it often interfere with work relationships. Sharp body odor often causes a person’s confidence to fall. The appearance of various scents and perfumes is very helpful to those who have body odor problems. Perfume aroma of the manufacturer is very diverse ranging from flowers, fruits, tobacco, synthetic to a mixture of various scents. Some perfumes have a sensual aroma of passion and fantasy.

body odor
body odor

The existence of these various perfume products make the problem of sharp body odor becomes less important or even forgotten. Dependence on this perfume will be a very big disaster if you lose perfume for example. You will be surrounded by anxiety associated with perfume, for example, out of stock, lost in the street, forgot not to wear. Body odor can not really be removed just like that with perfume, like a perfume only serves as an umbrella.

Eliminate Body Odor with Medicinal Herbal

To get rid of body odor with herbs can be done as follows.

Take the ylang flower as much as 2 handfuls add temugiring that has been peeled as much as one handful. Both of these materials are finely ground and stirred evenly. The shape becomes a small grain the size of pill medicine or capsule. The concoction of herbal medicine that you have form the small granules then dried. You can dry by way of drying in the sun or using the oven. At the time of drying you should keep the cleanliness and the level of heat to the material. You can keep it in a jar or closed medicine container, and keep it for a few days. Medicinal herbs taken or eaten with bananas every morning and afternoon as much as one pill.

There are other herbs that are easier to do. This herb utilize leaves beluntas and basil leaves. You should eat more often these two types of herbal ingredients. The way of processing to become an herbal medicine according to your taste. You may mix it with other foodstuffs or make it like a juice. You may eat fresh leaves or cook them first. If you are unfamiliar with the smell and flavor of the leaves, you should mix with other foods. You can ask friends help to mix into a recipe that suits your taste.