Organic Fertilizer on Tropical Agriculture Land Unsuccessful. Why?

The tropical agricultural land is capable of harvesting throughout the year, but farmers face the problem that organic fertilizer on tropical agriculture land unsuccessful. Farmlands in the wet tropical area mostly have low soil organic C content. In intensive farming areas generally, have a low soil fertility due to the thickness of the thin layer of soil. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate organic material, but farmers bumped into the constraints of organic fertilizer on tropical agriculture land unsuccessful.

Farmers would expect the fertilization of organic matter on agricultural land would increase crop yields. Farmers add organic materials derived from manure or compost. The organic material will pass through the decomposition process. The process of decomposition of this organic material will produce nutrients for plants, especially in developing organic farming.

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Decomposition – Organic Fertilizer on Tropical Agriculture Land Unsuccesful.

organic fertilizer on tropical agricultural land unsuccessful.
Farmers face the problem that organic fertilizer on tropical agricultural land unsuccessful.

In decomposition, organic waste passes through simple physical and chemical changes by soil microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and other soil animals). The process of decomposition can be called as mineralization is the process of destroying organic materials derived from animals and plants into simple organic compounds. Indeed, decomposition is a very complex process involving several factors.

Leaf litter, cattle dung, household waste and others reaching the ground will decay slowly. Gradually, the activity of the soil organism will incorporate organic matter residues into the soil mineralized horizon. The result of this organic material process becomes an important factor supply to the availability of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients.

Rotting organic matter releases nutrients into the soil. This process is an important sequence of ecosystem functions. If the process of releasing this nutrient is too fast it will be lost through soil washing or evaporation. Conversely, if the decomposition is too slow then the nutrients as plant nutrients will be less so that it inhibits plant growth.

Environmental factors affect the rate of decomposition of organic waste such as pH, temperature, humidity, the chemical composition of waste and soil microorganisms. The decomposition process runs gradually, where the fastest decomposition rate occurs in the first week. This is because in the new waste there is a lot of food elements for soil microbes or organisms to decompose.

In some places in the tropics, the rate of decomposition passes through a relatively slow process. This is because some tropical trees have sclerophyllous leaves.
Leaves that have sclerophyllous properties are strong leaves, have a broad vs. low weight ratio so that they are relatively resistant to decay or during the first stage of decomposition.

Wet Tropical Soil Characteristics – Organic Fertilizer on Tropical Agriculture Land Unsuccesful.

Some tropical country countries have high biodiversity but also have problems due to the high rate of decomposition of organic matter. The high rate of decomposition of soil organic matter resulted in the effectiveness of the value of the function of organic matter to be low. The rate of decomposition of tropical regions with isohipertermic temperatures is 4 times higher than in subtropics.

Farmers do the fertilization of organic materials long before the planting period. However organic fertilizer on tropical agricultural land is often unsuccessful. Farmers generally use organic materials derived from manure, manure + straw, or compost. Observation on peanut plants after fertilizing organic material 4 months earlier showed a high difference in plants that are not significant. This shows the unsuccessful residuals of organic matter providing nutrients for plant growth.

Farmers face soil fertility problems that are generally low on intensive farmland. Factors influencing this are due to the thickness of the thin topsoil layer, the acid pH, the low organic matter content, and there is a solid layer below the coating. Therefore, the carrying capacity of the land for plant growth is low. Utilization of soil biological resources is an important strategy for improving soil organic matter, preventing erosion and nutrient leaching, and roaming the roots become wider and better groundwater availability.

Development of Organic Agriculture

Environmental factors affect the rate of decomposition of organic waste such as pH, temperature, humidity, the chemical composition of waste and soil microorganisms. In tropical agricultural areas, the rate of decomposition of organic matter is high, high temperature, erosion and nutrient leaching.

In tropical agricultural areas, farmers can still develop organic farming. Development of organic agriculture is feasible in areas close to consumers/markets, has a relatively low rate of soil organic matter decomposition, has a high level of soil chemical fertility, no potential for pollution by heavy metals and pesticides, and high economic commodities.

Agriculture Uses sloping critical land | How to solve?

Farmers will become more difficult if agriculture uses sloping critical land. The earth’s surface span can be either flat or corrugated fields. The hilly topography of the land will cause agriculture to be carried out on hilly terrain. The area on the slopes of this hill has a varied slope. Agriculture on the slopes is the one that faces the problem. Sloping land often turns into critical land (you can read the previous article as a reference: Dry and critical land).
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Agricultural Land Change to Critical Land

Agricultural land can change to critical land. Knowledge of change to critical land is beneficial to support the cultivation of plants in our garden. We will encounter greater obstacles when meeting this critical land than fertile land. How is agricultural land change to critical land?

Critical Land

How did the critical land occur? In essence, critical land occurs due to the continuous decline in land productivity. The decrease in soil productivity is caused by decreased soil fertility.
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Eliminate Body Odor with Herbs

Body Odor
Herbs: Eliminate Body Odor

Many people have a problem with the smell of sweat so sharp that it often interfere with work relationships. Sharp body odor often causes a person’s confidence to fall. The appearance of various scents and perfumes is very helpful to those who have body odor problems. Perfume aroma of the manufacturer is very diverse ranging from flowers, fruits, tobacco, synthetic to a mixture of various scents. Some perfumes have a sensual aroma of passion and fantasy.
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Make Organic Fertilizer Using Lumbricus Earthworm.

You can make organic fertilizer by utilizing kitchen waste. There is an easy way to make organic fertilizer for small scale. You can utilize the results of making organic fertilizer for your own garden needs. So by making organic fertilizer, the problem of kitchen waste is complete and you get fertilizer for the garden.

make organic fertilizer
Earthworm – make organic fertilizer

One method of making compost from organic material is by utilizing earthworm mainly from Lumbricus rubellus type. This method is more effective than the compost method in general that relies solely on the activity of bacterial decomposers. In a worm composting system, bacteria decomposers that are aerobic bacteria remain active to decompose waste. Fresh organic waste and the resultant bacteria will be digested by earthworms.
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Earthworms As A Solution Kitchen Waste Problems | Compost

Every house faces the problem of kitchen waste. Kitchen waste problem can be heavy or light depending on the quantity and resources that have. One way to solve the problem of kitchen waste is with earthworms.

Domestic waste consists of organic and non organic wastes. The largest part of domestic waste is organic waste. We can turn this organic waste into compost (fertilizer from organic matter).

Kitchen Waste Problem
Earthworm- Solution Kitchen Waste Problems

You can make compost by utilizing worm activity. You can make compost by utilizing worm activity. Earthworms decompose organic matter so it takes less time in composting process conventionally. There are several types of earthworms but you should use earthworms of Lumbricus rubellus soil. Lumbricus rubellus worm is a worm that lives in the topsoil, is brownish red and the lower part is pale yellowish.
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Ginger Antioxidant Not Only Present in Rhizome. So where is it?

People use ginger for cooking herbs, natural medicine herbs and healthy drinks because of the content of ginger antioxidant. Ginger Antioxidant is more popular in the search because it is relatively easy and natural.Ginger antioxidants are generally derived from ginger rhizomes.

Ginger antioxidants
Antioxidants are generally derived from ginger rhizomes.

The eastern countries already know ginger mainly use for heated drinks. The ginger drink has a delicious and refreshing flavor. Drink ginger is able to warm the body has a property as an herbal medicine. In general, the blend of drinks using the tuber or rhizomes. Consumers are also easier to save the ginger rhizome.
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Choose Chicken or Quail Livestock?

You can choose chicken or quail livestock to get side income. Garden side or back of the house can be used for chicken  or quail livestock. Choosing chicken  or quail livestock is not a sure choice, but when time, money and land are limited, you should choose one only.

Quails Livestock

A livestock business is a combination of long links, where the links between the links are mutually supportive. As an illustration, you want to increase the productivity of quail so the quality of feeding should be supported by genetic Day Old Quail (DOQ) quality. You want to increase the productivity of livestock should pay attention to the sanitary cattle shed too.

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Pharmacological Effects of Gods Leaves

Some time ago we began to get acquainted with the god leaves. In that case we use the god Leaves for the stung scorpion treatment.

Herbal plants

Actually The other benefits of this god leaves are many. And the use of god Leaves is also relatively easy. The god’s leaf (Gynura pseudo-china DC.) Has a synonym of G. divaricata DC., G. ovalis DC., Senecio divarigata L. In many areas the god leaves have many names among others on Sumatra island known as beluntas or in some places in Malay is known as the kio tigel.
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Herbal Medicine: Treatment Stung by Scorpion

Herbal medicine can be dry material, forage or plant-shaped. One of the benefits of herbal medicine knowledge is when the process of outdoor activity.

Herbal medicine
Herbal medicine God Leaves

Knowledge of herbal medicine can treat or prevent the disease becomes more severe. Herbal medicine that has the property to reduce the poison of the small venomous animals is GodLeaf.

Nature tourism activities provide a sense of comfort, calm, and leave memories longer. Outdoor activity is popular from children to adults. In many offices make a gathering event by taking the outside atmosphere to cultivate freshness for employees.

The main problem is the annoying animals that attack us. Snakes, centipedes and scorpions are the animals we must be aware of.
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