Review of Earthquake Resistant Building Structure

In order to become a building that is resistant to earthquake then the structure of the building needs to be considered. As in the review, this structure will discuss Footings, columns/ post, roofs, and walls.

Earthquake: Building Resistant

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Architecture Overview of Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Our previous writings have examined the damage to buildings caused by earthquakes. We have also studied the concept of the simple earthquake-resistant building. This is important for people living in earthquake-prone areas.

Earthquake-Resistent Building

Simple earthquake-resistant residential buildings in an architectural review include three things: the discussion of design, roof and wall building openings.
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The Building Concept of the Simple Home Living that Earthquake Resistant

Simple residential building earthquake-resistant is very useful for residents who live in earthquake areas. An earthquake caused by several causes is not discussed on this page but is discussed in another page at Countries with middle-income inhabitants desperately need the concept of simple earthquake-resistant residential buildings.
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Buildings Damage Caused by Earthquakes

Strong earthquakes can cause damaged facilities and infrastructure. Some scientific studies concluded that the damage to buildings by the earthquake occurred in many residential buildings inhabited by people with middle to lower income. The damage encountered can be either one or a combination of damage to the roof, walls, and foundations.
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Earthworms As A Solution Kitchen Waste Problems

Facing the problem with kitchen waste?

Domestic waste consists of organic and nonorganic wastes. The largest part of the domestic waste is the organic waste, which we can convert to compost (organic fertilizer).

Earthworm- Solution Kitchen Waste Problems

Compost can be made by using earthworm activity (Lumbricus rubellus) to decompose organic material so that the time required is shorter than composting process conventionally. Lumbricus rubellus worm is a worm that lives in the topsoil, is brownish red and the lower part is pale yellowish.
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Benefits of Termites. Are there Benefits of Termites?

winged termites

Termites have tremendous damage to the wood furniture, books, or even the property we live in. Most of us are afraid of termites as a pest of this house. Even pest control companies continue to grow to help us fight against house pest termites.
In fact, of about 3000 species of termites, not all pests for humans. Some of them are the guardians of the ecosystem.

Really beneficial termites?. Let’s look at some of the benefits of termites from different locations of the world.
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Unique Facts of Termites and How To Identify the Presence of Termites in the House.

Termites are insects that are closed, so how can we know that our homes are under attack termites? If you want to examine it, the following are things to note.

Tunnel or Small Roads.
Termite is an insect that is not resistant to direct exposure to the Sun and dry environment. Termites build roads or small tunnel made of moist soil, mud, dirt and debris with a diameter about the size of a pinkie. Termite tunnels will protect from the Sun and natural predators. The tunnel can be stand-alone or connected with structural surfaces of your home, and the tunnel serves as the line back and forth from the ground to the food source. The tunnel of mud may disappear into cracks in the rock and the pair can be found also around the door and the frame of a window or along the boards.
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Winged Termites as an Alternative Bird Feed?

Scarcity of natural feed and with the rising price of extra food makes a lover of birdsong difficult meet the needs of pet birds at home. They began to look for alternative feed. But lovers of birdsong hampered by concerns about whether this could affect the performance of the sound of birds, how it impacts the health of birds, and so on.

Almost all types of insects have nutrients that can be utilized. Our ancestors had always been made of insects as alternative food. It’s been done before they know the techniques of hunting and farming. Currently, more than 1000 species of insects can be eaten by humans in various countries. People in specific areas used to make a dish made from raw of grasshoppers, caterpillars teak, cricket ground and winged termites.
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Easy and Effective Ways to get rid of Bats from Your Home.

Easy and Effective Ways to get rid of Bats from Your Home.

Extrude Bats.

Bats are mammals that are active at night (nocturnal). In General, the bats lived in the cave because these animals like hanging on the ceiling of the dark and humid. In the present era, bats can live in urban areas (especially small-bodied). Sometimes these bats are temporary stay to eat the fruit and leave the leftovers littering our homes.
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The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

The Difference of Termites and Ants.
The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

Most of us never see the termites. Body shape termites often look like ants so that it is often too late to detect when the damage to the House is already happening. Termites are known as white ants by some people. This often creates confusion in distinguishing between termites and ants. However, the most striking difference between termites and the ants are a termite has a waist that is much thicker compared to ants.
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