Reasons Why You Should Brush Cat’s Teeth

Do we need to brush cat’s teeth? This question often arises for those of you who care for cats. This is because we have never seen hobbyists brush cat’s teeth. And naturally, the cats do not brush cat’s teeth.

Do we need to brush cat's teeth?
Do we need to brush cat’s teeth?

We need to brush cat’s teeth because the health of the cat’s teeth and mouth is also important. We need to pay attention to dental health besides the health of other body parts. So it’s a good idea to bring it to the vet to check their dental health every year. If the health of your cat’s teeth and mouth is bad, it can cause high risk disease.

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Komodo can Kill Large Prey. What are Komodo Dragon Weapons?

Komodo attack the prey by using Komodo dragon weapons. Not only that, Komodo dragons are able to face the harsh competition of predators with Komodo dragon weapons. Of course interesting to know what Komodo dragon weapons? With these weapons, the Komodo dragon is capable of killing large prey.

Komodo dragons can have a body of more than 3 meters. Adult body weight reaches 70-95 kg. Komodo has the ability to swim more than 300 meters in the sea. Komodo dragons can smell blood up to a radius of 7 km. These capabilities make Komodo dragons deserve the list of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Saliva – Komodo Dragon Weapons

Komodo dragons have saliva containing 60 deadly bacteria. Komodo dragons also have substances that inhibit blood clots in their victims. If Komodo bites its prey then saliva will hit its prey. Komodo dragons will be weak and helpless in a matter of days. Only Komodo dragon will eat it. Komodo dragons are able to paralyze their prey animals, including humans.

Komodo looking for prey by waiting for its prey off guard. For example, when hunting buffalo, the dragons will immediately ambush when the buffalo is off guard. Komodo will bite it, then release it. Komodo will let the buffalo flee, but Komodo dragons follow his footsteps by smelling his blood.

About 3-5 days when buffalo limp or dead from bacteria from saliva, that’s when the dragon will eat it.

So Komodo dragons are not like other wild animals like tigers, which directly attack and devour its prey right then and there. Komodo injures its prey and patiently waits for it to weaken or die.

Nail, Tooth and Tail – Komodo Dragon Weapons


Komodo dragons have five long and sharp nails. Her nails are able to make the skin of another animal injured.

Komodo using his nails when the position of the body upright or almost standing. Komodo does this when attacking prey. however, most dragons use their nails to fight with other dragons in the breeding season.


Komodo dragon is a dangerous weapon that is not less deadly. Although allegedly biting dragons are not as strong as other predators such as tigers, but Komodo dragons are still dangerous. Komodo dragons have teeth that are textured like shark teeth. That dragon has a sharp triangular shape and sharp.

Komodo dragons have a strong jaw structure. While the dragons to function to paralyze the prey. With a strong jaw and grip combination, Komodo dragons are able to release all the parts of their prey bodies and gobble them up. Komodo dragons are not to chew because the Komodo drags its prey like a crocodile.

Komodo dragons can tear the skin as hard as anything. This tooth structure has a saw shape. If the teeth are dislodged from too hard to grab the prey, it can grow again in just 3 days.


Komodo dragons have a very strong tail. Just like nails, usually, dragons use a whip tail while fighting with other Komodo dragons in the mating season.

Symptoms of Heat Stress in Birds and How to Overcome Heat Stress

The location and size of the cage can cause symptoms of heat stress in birds. This happens in overheated cages. The small size of the cage will be vulnerable to exposure to the sun so easily appear heat stress symptoms in birds. You should not hang the bird for too long. To avoid the symptoms of heat stress in birds, you should dry the bird in the morning or evening.

Symptoms of Heat Stress in birds

Birds that inhabit a hot cage will suffer from heat stress symptoms in birds. Birds suffering from heat stress show the following characteristics:

They will widen both wings. The bird’s beak opens so it looks like it is pumping with a gasping breath. Birds flap or spread the wings to remove heat from the body.

symptoms of heat stress in birds
symptoms of heat stress in birds

It differentiates between humans. Humans who have sweat glands so that body heat is released through sweat. Birds do not have sweat glands, so the body heat is released by pumping out through his body.

If the bird is experiencing heat stress for too long, the eyes look like a teary (watery). Birds become unresponsive to external stimuli like noise. Birds will experience heat stroke if the symptoms are allowed to continue.

Clinical symptoms of heat stroke include birds jumping up and down from the perch to the bottom of the cage or birds swirling in the perch. Furthermore, the grip of birds will weaken and fall. The climax of birds will suffer from convulsions, due to the presence of clots in the blood vessels. A blood clot that prevents blood flow to various organs of the bird’s body, including to the brain.

Therefore, in doing the drying, you should be more careful and careful. Each bird has a different adaptability.

Overcoming the Problems of Birds Affecting Heat Stress

If the bird shows symptoms of heat stress, you can move the bird cage in the shade. You can help with a fan or air conditioner. If a little heavy, you can wet the birds to the tub, or sprayed with a water spray.

Birds that often suffer from heat stress will make the bird’s immune system weakened in the long run. Often birds suffer from various health problems that are not easily detected. Birds will stop the chirp in the short term.

You should give first aid by bathing them in cold water but do not use ice water. Try to get the water directly on the bird’s skin. Cold water and a cool atmosphere can have a very good effect on the skin and reduce heat in the body.

There are other factors that can cause the bird to suffer heat stress in addition to the sun’s heat. You place a birdcage near a car engine, a kitchen heat sink and a poorly ventilated room can cause heat stress symptoms in birds.

Komodo Dragon, A Dangerous Giant Lizard

Komodo is a dangerous giant lizard. Komodo is indeed an ancient animal but Komodo dragon has become one of the most effective killer animals. It’s really a dangerous giant lizard. In a small island habitat, he topped the food pyramid. Komodo looks like an amazing animal that managed to survive across the ages but at the same time a deadly figure.

Slow Predators

Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) is the largest lizard species in the world that lives on Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Flores Island, Gili Motang Island, and Gili Dasami Island in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

dangerous giant lizard
dangerous giant lizard

With an adult body weight between 70 to 95 kg, dragons have a maximum flight speed of only 20 km/hour. This includes slowly for predators at the top of the food pyramid. Komodo ambush prey when they are careless.

Bite Not Strong / Weak.

Komodo dragons have a creepy shape and are known as dangerous giant lizards. However, as a predator, dragons have a bite that is not strong. Several studies have revealed that Komodo-bitten is not strong. The researchers give the meat to the dragons. They let the komodo eat it, then measure the strength of the bite. Researchers say although the Komodo dragon has a weak but very lethal bite.

Komodo becomes an ancient animal that still survives in the modern world. This reptile is thought to have lived from the time of the Early Terrarum (50-60 million years ago) along with the lifetime of dinosaurs. As a predator, dragons have small teeth. Komodo has teeth that texture like shark teeth. Teeth with a pointed triangular shape.

Komodo dragon has a function to paralyze the prey. With strong teeth and grip jaws, Komodo dragons are able to release all parts of their prey bodies and devour them one by one until they run out. Komodo dragons are not to chew because the Komodo dragon swallows its prey, like snakes or crocodiles. Komodo dragon is able to tear the skin and remove the meat of prey.

A Dangerous Giant Lizards. How Komodo Dragon Paralyzing prey??

These reptiles are often crowned as the most dangerous reptiles in the world. How to paralyze the prey is also most unique. It does not kill its prey by hunting prey like other predators. Komodo dragons have salivary capital (saliva) filled with bacteria. These bacteria reach up to 80 species.

Komodo will tear its prey with its bite and give a bloody gaping wound. Bleeding due to Komodo bite is relatively difficult to stop. A powerful Komodo dragon will have a severe bite impact. Komodo also moves the bacteria in saliva to the prey. Severe bleeding and bacterial infections cause the prey to be unsustainable. In less than a week, the prey has died. Komodo follows his prey patiently based on his sense of smell.

Komodo takes advantage of its prey. In a case, there is a tourist on Komodo Island photographing too close to the dragons. Komodo-bitten victims are like fighting against time. A little late in handling the effects of Komodo dragons can be fatal.

Internet Business Services for Pets – Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

In this fast paced and practical era now providing internet business services is the right choice. You can start a business for various sectors including goods production or service business. For those who already have an offline market, you can develop internet business services to expand the market and the range of trade names.

internet business services
internet business services

You can also take advantage of internet business services provided by others. Internet business services that can facilitate the operation, financial and marketing of your products. You can choose internet business services provided by other parties such as accounting services, online store creation services, marketing, graphic design and others. We will write it in the next article.

You can use one or more ways to take advantage of internet business services. You can use for order or business promotion only. Third parties can you use to run the promotion function, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Google AdWords. For interaction, you can use google hangout. Showroom products and business services can take advantage of its own website, marketplace or youtube.


This marketplace is very helpful for internet business people to have their own store page and do activities promo and marketing their products. Not infrequently business owners who already have a physical store also make their store pages in various marketplaces to expand the network and get more customers.


Youtube has become the media of many people in expressing themselves through video. Video in Youtube is in great demand by many people of all ages, groups and genders. Therefore promoting business on Youtube is part of a promotional plan of a business. The main step if you want to promote a business on Youtube is to upload videos through your account and then select the right category for the type of business to be promoted. To find out vlogging tips on Youtube please see the article Vlogging Tips on Youtube for Beginners.

Internet Business Service for Pets – Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

Business Services for Delivery of Animals

You can serve the delivery of pet animals ranging from pick up in place to the port, station, or airport. Business services for the delivery of pet animals may include administrative proceedings, documents and, quarantine pets to the destination.

Pet Sitter Business Services

The business of caring for pets is always crowded. Hobbyists who are busy or traveling for a few days will need it. The hobbyist who goes a few days cannot bear to leave his beloved animal alone at home.

Business Services for Pet Funeral or Cremation Services

Pets often are like family members to animal lovers. The death of a pet becomes a deep sorrow for them. The burial and cremation services of pets are an option for them to provide the best in the last moment. Limitations of time and place are another reason for them needing this service.

Business Services for Grooming Animals

Grooming animals is the most popular services business for animals. Now animal grooming services offer services that vary greatly.

Grooming animals provide many benefits to pets because it is always crowded visitors

The business of Beast Trainer and Coach Services

Services to tame animals and train animals is a unique business of services. This expertise generally comes from self-study of animal patterns and behavior. Services to tame animals are also very varied. Some have a purpose to maintain, such as a weasel or a jungle cat. But there is also for the purpose of removing eg tamer wasps and snakes.

The business of Leasing Services

Animal rental is generally for shooting or for film roles. Animals to rent should already. As for animals to make a movie must be able to perform the action.

The Causes of Pet Birds do not Want to Lay Their Eggs

One of the problems of birds is that birds do not want to lay their eggs. Many hobbyists and breeders experience it. We keep birds for many reasons, among others, beautiful voice, good shape, already rare in nature, or because of the beauty of the color of the fur. Hobbyists and bird breeders often keep birds in cages in pairs. Why birds do not want to lay their eggs?

The problem of sparrow pairing does not want to lay eggs should be searched for its cause because the possibility does not only come from one cause. Causes factor can be one or more.

Factors Birds do not want to lay their eggs

Here are the reasons birds do not want to lay their eggs. One or more of them may be causing your bird pair to not lay their eggs.

birds do not want to lay their eggs
birds do not want to lay their eggs

Both parent birds may be of the same sex: male x male, or female x female. So, make sure both the parent bird is a couple of males and females. The most common problem is the difficulty of distinguishing between male and female birds. Some bird species such as parakeets and walnuts have similarities between males and females. Often male and female birds have a singing skill. Hobbyist experts who can distinguish birds like this.

You should choose a mature parent. You may be pairing birds that have not reached the age of the adult sex, either one or both mothers. Experience people will easily see the signs of maturity birds are ready to mate, but beginners will be hard to see.

One or both birds are not ready mentally to mate. Many factors affect the mental readiness of birds. Usually occurs in male birds younger than female birds. Birds that since childhood grows in a comfortable environment will have a better mentality.

Birds are afraid or uncomfortable with disturbances in cage lighting, noisy environments, frequent people, or other dreaded animals such as cats and dogs.

Other Cause Bird Couples Do not Want to Spawn

Other important reasons include:

Birds have nutritional problems. They should not have malnutrition or excessive obesity.

Birds have hormonal disorders. This disorder can occur in female birds and male birds.

Birds in sick condition. They often do not show symptoms of pain because their instinct will cover it from the threat of predators.

Birds have physical disabilities or are hereditary.

Birds experience disturbances in the reproductive system other than hormonal factors.

Too often mated and changing partners in one season.

When it is known the causes as above then the treatment of the mother bird can be applied. Keep in mind, however, that the causes that affect your pet birds will not spawn may not be just one cause.

In some cases, such as physical disability, or not yet reached adult age, the best solution is to replace the troubled bird with a new bird.

Also, make sure the environmental conditions support the cage. Keep the cage not in a closed room, and the air temperature is cultivated relatively stable. In the cage needs to be provided nest compilers for birds encouraged to mate.

see: Usage of Apple Vinegar to Treat Birds.

Choose Chicken or Quail Livestock?

You can choose chicken or quail livestock to get side income. Garden side or back of the house can be used for chicken  or quail livestock. Choosing chicken  or quail livestock is not a sure choice, but when time, money and land are limited, you should choose one only.

A livestock business is a combination of long links, where the links between the links are mutually supportive. As an illustration, you want to increase the productivity of quail so the quality of feeding should be supported by genetic Day Old Quail (DOQ) quality. You want to increase the productivity of livestock should pay attention to the sanitary cattle shed too.

quail livestock
quail livestock

This small-bodied animal is only slightly larger than an adult’s fist and weighs no more than 150 grams per head. Although small-bodied, quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) has great potential in producing eggs and meat. You can note the following description.

Choose Quail Livestock

A chicken takes more than 6 months to start laying eggs. Chicken takes longer, while the quail begins to lay eggs 41 days.

A chicken weighing about 2 kg produces an egg weighing between 60-80 grams or 4 percent of its weight. Quail is able to produce eggs weighing 10 grams or nearly 7 percent weight.

In many places the price of chicken eggs consumption per kilogram is lower than the quail eggs.

Broiler chickens have the ability to produce about 325 eggs per year, slightly higher than the quail of 300 grains per year. Domestic chicken is much smaller only the production of about 150 eggs per year.

Quails need smaller cages and spaces to produce than chickens. Cage quail can be arranged piled up as well, but should pay more attention to sanitary cages.

The demand for feed is less than chicken, so the capital requirement to run the business becomes lower. This situation should appeal many breeders because it can be for main business purposes or side business.

The size of quail eggs is smaller than chicken eggs, but the use in recipes are relatively large. A recipe from the East that you can try “Quail Eggs Satay with Sesame Sauce”.

With the above illustration, quail farms become very relevant for entrepreneurs who have limited capital. Small capital but high production capability indicates a lucrative profit.

Want to have Dog Pets. Choose Puppy or Adult Dog?

If you plan to have a new dog as a pet at home, you can choose to keep puppy or adult dog. Having pet a puppy or adult dog does feel the difference. Beginner hobbyists often find it difficult to choose between buying puppy or adult dog. Choosing a puppy or adult dog should be prepared with the consequences of each option. You should pay attention to some of the points below before choosing an option to buy a puppy or adult dog.

Puppy or Adult Dog? – Choosing to Buy Puppy

You should see the parent dog before buying a puppy. By looking at the mother dog, we can assess the quality we want in the puppy.

puppy or adult dog
puppy or adult dog

Buying puppies means having the opportunity to practice good skills and habits in dogs. We are more free to provide training materials. Dogs have a high loyalty to their owners. If you have a dog from childhood will further increase the loyalty of the dog to you.

The disadvantages of buying a puppy:

The formation of personality in training can be different from what we expect.

The puppy needs greater attention and care. Because the puppy knows the world from scratch.

Puppies also require a higher cost. Puppies need vaccinations, training costs, equipment that changes due to enormous growth.

Puppy or Adult Dog? – Choosing to Buy an Adult Dog

Buying an adult dog 2 years and older, already has a developing personality. You can choose a dog that suits your liking. You can do a little training to refresh your mind and adapt it.

The weakness of buying an adult dog

We go through a period of memory of dog socialization so that dogs have lower loyalty. Some cases of childhood trauma are not observed and can not be completely eliminated.

How to train adaptation for the adult dog we buy?

New dogs in the care will surely confuse who his master. The dog will be confused by the new atmosphere, especially the foreign smell. Dogs take about 2 weeks to find out who will be their master.

Once the dog arrives home, move to a new cage that is comfortable enough for the dog. During the first 2 weeks, you alone have to feed and drink to the dog. Do not get anyone else or a dog trainer to do it.

In some cases, adult dogs who switch owners become hyperactive and often bark. Do not panic. Keep feeding and drinking by yourself. And often adjacent to the kennels.

In other cases, an adult dog in a new place will become moody and dreamy. We must remain patient. After feeding, take time often close together and invite to play. Within 1 week, the dog is familiar with you and want to be ordered by you.

Benefits of Termites. Is Termites Beneficial?

So far we only know the negative side of termites, without knowing the benefits of termites. For residents in some countries, the benefits of termites are huge. Even the locals wait for the termite season to come. But for some residents of urban areas, termites actually bring harm.

Benefits of Termites
Benefits of Termites

Termites have tremendous damage to the wood furniture, books, or even the property we live in. Most of us are afraid of termites as a pest of this house. Even pest control companies continue to grow to help us fight against house pest termites.

In fact, of about 3000 species of termites, not all pests for humans. Some of them are the guardians of the ecosystem.

Really beneficial termites ?. Let’s look at some of the benefits of termites from different locations of the world.

Benefits of Termites as Animal Feed

Natural Poultry Feed.

Natural enemies of termites in nature one of them is poultry. If you keep chickens, ducks, quail, turkey, pigeon or goose then you can use termites as one feed. Chickens love termites especially queen termites.

Reptile feed.

In termites, termites have predators of this type of reptile. Reptile hobbyists can use termites to fly as cheap nutritious feed. Termites can be a natural feed of lizards, Agamidae, chameleons, gecko.

Fish feed.

Fish naturally are not the main predators of termites because they rarely meet. They either scaly or not scaly turned out to be fond of termites. How it can be given directly given live or killed first.

Benefits of Termites as Food and Natural Medicines

Food material.

In some places, local people use termites as foodstuffs, especially termites fly.  Termites in though into various types of good food (for people in the locals). Local culture. They fry the termites with flour spices, or mix the termites with the grated coconut spice and in the steamed.

For those who like unique food, please try …

Natural medicine.

In some places, locals use termite queens as natural remedies. The termite queen in his head cut and in raw eating without cooking. Of course, in select healthy and cleaned first. Queen termites are believed to prevent skin diseases, high blood pressure, easily fatigue and gout.

Benefits of Termites as a Cheap Feed

Fishing bait.

For hobby angler fish, termites are one of the best and cheapest bait that can be obtained from nature. For large fish targets, anglers spread these termites as attention-grabbing for the target fish to approach the bait. As a fishing lure, the angler can directly install termites on the hook.

Benefits of Termites as a Natural Parameter and Ecosystem Balance

Mine Indicators.

Termites can enter deep into the soil. This ability depends on the type of termites. Termites are very fond of locations containing metals, especially precious metals (gold). This metal will be re-issued by termites.

Maintaining Ecosystems.

Termite spent his life working underground, building a high nest for his colony. They are like highly skilled ground structural engineers. Termites build nests by digging holes similar to small pores on the ground. As a result, water can seep further into the soil so it does not evaporate. Inside the nest, termites mix sand, rock, and clay particles with organic material, such as leaf litter and exoskeleton or other organisms. The mix made the soil more fertile and resistant to erosion.

Dirt and termite excretion fluid also strengthens soil structure so as to prevent erosion. They also breed a kind of mushroom to eat. Bacteria in the digestive system of termites can alter nitrogen, extract the vital elements from the air, then turn it into a kind of fertilizer. This is especially beneficial for termite colonies.

When building and maintaining the nest, termites can move large amounts of soil. Termite nests make surrounding soil structures able to retain water and provide nutrients for plants. They increase the productivity of the system while keeping it stable and durable. Termites are very good for soil fertility.

Live Feed for Pets Increases Vitality. Crickets?
Winged Termites as an Alternative Bird Feeds?

Handling and Stopping Hair Loss in Cats

We need to immediately handle and stop hair loss in cats. This is because it has an effect on the health of your cat and the comfort of your home. To stop hair loss in cats, you need to know the cause of hair loss in cats (see on Maybe Your cat is pregnant. It Causes Cat Hair Loss). Each cat can have different causes of hair loss. So you can take steps to stop hair loss in cats.

stop hair loss in cats
stop hair loss in cats

If hair loss in cats is due to the natural cycle of fur change, then you just take care of it as usual. Like human skin that always experienced regeneration, cat hair also needs a change. So, you do not have to worry your cat will be bald. Take care of him as usual and when the cycle is over, the feathers will not fall out again.

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