The Causes of Pet Bird Pairs do not Want to Lay Their Eggs?

Birds- Not Lay Their Eggs

We keep birds for many reasons, among others, beautiful voice, good shape, already rare in nature, or because of the beauty of the color of the fur. Hobbyists and bird breeders often keep birds in cages in pairs. The main problem that often happens is that the pair of birds does not want to lay their eggs.
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Choose Chicken or Quail Livestock?

A livestock business is a combination of long links, where the links between the links are mutually supportive. As an illustration, you want to increase the productivity of quail so the quality of feeding should be supported by genetic Day Old Quail (DOQ) quality. You want to increase the productivity of livestock should pay attention to the sanitary cattle shed too.

Quails Livestock

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Want to have Dog pets. Choose Puppy or Adult?

If you plan to have a new dog as a pet at home, you can choose to keep puppies or adult dogs.

Golden Mix Puppy

Choosing to Buy Puppies
Before purchasing a puppy, it is better to see the mother dog that will be adopted. By looking at the mother dog, we can assess the quality we want in the puppy.
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Handling and Stopping Hair Loss in Cats

Cat Hair Loss

Let and treat as usual.
In the event that hair loss in pet cats is due to the natural cycle of hair change, then you just care for it as typical. Like human skin that always experienced regeneration, kitty hair also needs a change. So, you do not have to get worried your cat will be bald. Take care of him as usual so when the cycle is over, the feathers will not fall out again.
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Maybe Your cat is pregnant. It Causes Cat Hair Loss

Cat Hair Loss

The cat’s hair fall is a common thing. But, if there is an excessive fall you will be very disturbed. Cat fur will be scattered on the couch, carpet, and shirt. There are several causes of cat hair loss. Check out these four common causes.
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Reproductive Behavior of Cockatiel or Falk Birds.

Behavior of Cockatiel

Cockatiel or falk birds have long been recognized by hobbyists from various countries. Falk bird prices are relatively stable but vary in other countries. Falk birds are also known by the name mini cockatoo or parakeet Australia, favored by various circles. If you want, you can breed yourself at home. The process of reproduction is relatively easy. This article explores the reproductive behavior of cockatiel birds.
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Live Feed for Pet

crickets for pets

Crickets are generally regarded as insect pest mainly on agricultural fields. So, the crickets also included targets in the destruction of pests in agriculture. Crickets indeed are one type of insect is most often used by hobbyists and ranchers as natural feed for various types of birds, fish, sugar gliders, porcupines, and reptiles. Increasing interest in raising animals that consume crickets, the demand for crickets also increased.
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Care For Pregnant Cats.

pregnant cat

Many families choose cats as pets because of the color of a beautiful, kind, funny behavior or other reasons for example because cats respond to other wild animals such as rats, or snakes. Caring for your beloved cat really isn’t difficult, but when our cat was pregnant then need care that is slightly larger.

A pregnant cat should be inside the House.
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Usage of Apple Vinegar to Treat Our Birds.

apple cider vinegar for birds

You must have heard of apple vinegar. Apple vinegar is a fermented liquid from apples that contain alcohol. Apple vinegar is widely used for various needs because it has wide benefits. Apple vinegar can be purchased at pharmacies, cake shops, and herbal medicine stores. This time around we will take good thing about the apple vinegar for the proper care of our birds.
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Five Causes Of Bird Feathers Plucked Themselves.

Feather Plucking in Birds

Birds picking off his own fur due to many factors, but a special bird beak bent, there is a slight exception where some types of birds such as cockatoos in healthy condition often plucked feathers before the nest and lay eggs.

The following clinical symptoms that you can detect when the bird’s favorite at home often plucked the feathers themselves.
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