Causes of Puffy Eyes and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of

The causes of the puffy eyes may not have you know it all. In this article, we continue the previous article about the cause of puffy eyes. By knowing the causes of puffy eyes, then we can choose a healthy way to get rid of puffy eyes.

Causes of Puffy Eyes : Lifestyle

Smoking and Drinking alcohol

Poor lifestyle also contributed to the occurrence of eye bags. The habit of drinking alcohol and smoking can make the veins under the eyes become more visible. Especially if not offset by eating lots of water, vegetables, and fruits.


causes of puffy eyes
causes of puffy eyes

Surely you often find people with puffy eyes, swollen and blackened for crying for a long time. This is because crying too much causes the area under the eyes blackened and swollen due to the trapped fluid. So when you feel sad, do not torture yourself for regrets will arise, especially if the eye bags become more visible.

Anemia and stress.

Blood deficiency or anemia becomes one of the causes of dark circles under the eyes. Especially if you often feel depressed then the black circle will be black unhealthy.

Causes of Puffy Eyes : Food and Drinking Factors

Nutritional intake

The body needs minerals and various substances to support health and appearance. Deficiency of iron and minerals can reduce the supply of oxygen and cause the occurrence of eye bags. Therefore, multiply the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables as a way to remove eye bags with natural.


Needs of fluid in the body that is not met can make the blood circulation is not smooth. This will also affect the blood vessels that exist beneath the eye area. For that, drink water in accordance with the needs and not to experience shortages or dehydration.

Causes of Puffy Eyes : Other Factors


Certain allergies can make the blood flow around the sinus to increase. In general, skin allergies like this will be accompanied by itching symptoms in the eye area then they will rub or scratched the eyes. Yet this way will cause the eyes become blackened, although black in this eye as a form of self-defense mechanism due to irritation in the rub and carded. Therefore, avoid scratching and rubbing in the eye area in case of itching, just touch it slowly.

The above causes may not be all of you, but only a few. After knowing the cause, you can avoid these behaviors or habits so that panda eyes do not happen or getting worse. With one cause we can have eye bags are quite disturbing, especially with the combination of causes, then the eyes will be a more severe panda and dark circles will be more visible.

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