Choosing Health Quality Wall Paint

Generally, we choose wall paint based on color suitability. This is because the choice of wall paint colors is very much and needs to adjust to the design of the house. But we also have to choose the health quality wall paint. This is important because we and family members live every day in the home environment.

There are many suggestions for choosing good quality paint that you can know. One of the requirements for quality paint that you must consider is that wall paint must be safe for health. This means you have to choose the health quality wall paint. In general, wall paint that has better quality, the price of paint will also be more expensive. This is reasonable because the wall paint contains more substance composition. But now there are many wall paints of the highest quality at low prices because of the growing use of technology.

Generally, good quality wall paint has additional functions, for example, wall paint can cover small wall cracks, is resistant to water and high humidity, wall paint is resistant to changes in temperature, is not difficult to clean and others. However, we still pay attention to choosing the quality of wall paint according to health.

How To Choose Health Quality Wall Paint

We choose wall paint that has good quality so that it is durable, has a positive function on the wall, and is easy to use. One way to choose good quality wall paint quality is to touch it with your fingers. We feel the texture of the wall paint. If you feel the texture of the wall paint is soft and not sticky on the finger, then the wall paint is relatively good.

Although the color of the wall paint is good but you must still choose the health quality wall paint. You must pay attention to the limits of the paint content which has a negative effect on health. For example, restrictions on the content of the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) in the paint, because the high content will be at risk to health.

You should avoid paints that contain a lot of Lead and Mercury. Lead in paint has an influence on the color of the paint, so the paint is able to produce bright colors. Mercury functions as an anti-fungal substance. However, these two elements have an impact on our health and the families that inhabit the house. If the two elements are too much in the paint we breathe in the smell, it will cause nausea and dizziness.

If possible, we should look for paint that has a Green Label on the packaging. This label is usually found in cans of paint and is easy to find. Green label is an international certificate as a marker of an environmentally friendly product. Green label guarantees safe paint materials for all residents of the house.

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