Cleaning Stains on Wooden Tables

We have to clean the stains on the wooden tables as soon as possible. This is so that our wooden table does not suffer from dull or permanent damage. Generally, wooden tables become part of the guest table, dining table or also the garden side table of the house. Stains can stick to a wooden table after finishing using the table.

Often we do not realize there are stains that stick after the event ends. We even found out after a while. In some cases, you will find it more difficult to clean stains on a wooden table that has been stuck for a long time.

The dining room wood table will have more dirt. The stains from various leftovers will stick to the wooden table. You must clean the stains on the wooden table without damaging the beauty of the table. So you should pay attention to how to clean stains on wooden tables.

Cleaning Stains on Wooden Tables that Stick Strong.

Dirt that can cause stains on wooden tables has various kinds of origin. Foodstuffs, school supplies, candles, can cause stains on your wooden table. You can clean the stains on wooden tables based on the type of dirt that sticks.

Actually, these stains can overwrite other furniture besides the table. Cabinets, chairs or doors can be bad because of the stains. However, the dining table will have many possibilities of being dirty. Especially if you have small children it will be more often the frequency of the dining table to get dirty.

Cleaning Stubborn White Stains

Water or other solutions can cause the table to become white. You need to clean the stains on wooden tables that is like this water stain. There are several ways to deal with this stain. You apply toothpaste to a soft, damp cloth. This cloth is for cleaning the water stains. Generally, this method can produce success for mild stains.

You don’t need to worry if stains are still stubborn. Please use this second method. You need to provide washing soda (soda ash). This liquid can clean stains on wooden tables. You can buy this liquid at a chemical shop. After all is done, you need to clean the table with a soft cloth to dry.

If the white stain is due to another solution, you can try it this way. You can dip the cloth into cooking oil that has been mixed with ash. Rub the wet cloth on the stain until it’s clean. Besides cloth, you can use a sponge. When finished, you can clean the wooden table using a soft cloth to dry.

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