Cleaning Used Sticker on Wooden Furniture

You sometimes have to clean the used sticker on wooden furniture. This former sticker will make your furniture look shabby and reduce beauty. However, cleaning used stickers on wooden furniture is not an easy job. Especially if you clean the used sticker on wooden furniture that sticks, in the long run, it will be more difficult.

Children often put stickers on walls, doors, windows or furniture. Likewise, other family members often stick to sticker school activities, motorbikes, sports clubs, and others. Even you sometimes find price tags attached to wooden furniture at home. Over time, this sticker will disturb the beauty and neatness of the room.

People often clean used stickers on wooden furniture by scraping stickers. This method can damage the surface of wooden furniture if you don’t do it carefully. If you scrape the former sticker too hard, then the wood surface will also peel off. This means that you have to incur additional costs to repair your damaged furniture.

Used Sticker on Wooden Furniture.

Cleaning used sticker on wooden furniture requires caution. Especially if the sticker has been stuck for a long time. If the sticker has been stuck for a long time, then you will have a hard time cleaning it. We recommend that you do not scrape the stain of the sticker using sharp objects because it can damage the furniture. This action will harm you.

The sticker has material from paper or a kind of plastic. We not only clean the material but also clean the glue that sticks to the material. Material and sticker glue have different strengths and qualities. So maybe you will find a sticker that is rather difficult, or even very easy to clean it.

How to Clean Used Sticker on Wooden Furniture

You need to provide a little cooking oil. Put a little cooking oil on the sticker. You need to let the oil soak into the bottom of the sticker. You can slowly pull the rest of the sticker. Or you rub using a soft cloth. You can repeat the above until the sticker is released and the stain is gone.

If the sticker has plastic material, then you need to use a hairdryer. Wait a moment. And you use the hairdryer in hot conditions. You point the blow dryer to the top of the sticker. After that, you can remove the sticker. You can clean the rest of the sticker using a cloth that is first in oil drops. You can slowly rub the surface of the wooden table until it is completely clean. Rub it slowly so as not to injure the wooden table surface.

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