Cleanse and Prevent Moss on Coral Stones

We must prevent moss on coral stones in the garden or the floor of our house. This is because moss will eliminate the beauty of coral color. Generally, we choose coral because of the relatively small shape and beauty of the color. Coral reefs look bleak and rundown with the appearance of moss.

White coral is a type of natural stone. We use white coral as a path, carport floors, wall hangings, plant barriers, or pond accents. Generally, people install white coral by spreading or permanently installing cement. People spread coral at the ground to add artistic value, for example, to parks or ponds. Many people install white coral by implanting it on a wall or floor so that its position remains.

Moss Problems in Coral Stones.

Why do we need to prevent moss on coral and natural stones? Coral will suffer problems if spread over the ground for a long time. Moss will appear on the surface of white coral. People will see coral reefs look dirty and cause slippery. We need steps to prevent moss on coral. This is so that moss does not damage the appearance of white coral. This coral must be kept white. And on white coral that is installed on the floor does not cause slippery when stepped on people. So you need to prevent moss on white coral.

Actually, almost all types of natural stones have the risk of overgrown with moss. Moss will easily grow in the pores of rocks located in an open and humid place. The growth of moss will cause the moss seeds to spread to almost all areas of coral. This situation will certainly make it more difficult for our efforts to keep white coral clean. People often refer to this white coral as a brushed stone because often people clean it by brushing it regularly.

Cleanse and Prevent Moss on Coral Stones

We need some ingredients to clean and prevent moss on coral stones, among others: water, washing soap, citron, cleaning liquid, place of water and brush. Washing soap/detergent to clean the initial stage. Then citron to eliminate stubborn stains attached to coral. Then if the color of white coral has turned yellow, you can restore the color by soaking the stone in the bleaching liquid.

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Cleanse Moss on Coral Stones

You can clean the white coral with the spread. How to clean it is different from the coral that is permanently installed. You need to take all the white coral and put it in a bucket that has been filled with soapy water. Brush the entire surface of the stone evenly. Then add it to another bucket that has enough mixture of water and citron. Soak the stone overnight.

The next day, you can rinse the coral with running water. If the color of the coral is still yellowing, then you need to soak it in the bleach of clothes. Soak the stone for 1-2 hours then rinse using clean water. You must dry this washed coral before returning it to its original place.

The process of cleaning coral that is permanently planted on concrete or on the floor is somewhat different. You start by pouring soap on the arrangement of the coral. After some time, the stone pores will absorb soapy water. This will soften the dirt and turn off the moss. You can rub the entire surface of the stone using a rough brush to remove the sticky moss until it’s clean. Then spray using clean water.

You can sprinkle citron powder or citron solution between the layers of coral evenly. Leave it overnight for the citron powder to work. Next, you can spray these coral stones with clean water to rinse the surface. If the color of the coral is still yellowish, then you need to use bleach to restore the pure white color. Next, you rinse with water and dry the surface of the coral. White coral will be beautiful again.

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