Create Brand Identity for Online Side Business

You have a new or old business, you still need to create the brand identity for online side business that you manage. The brand is not just a logo or company name, but a person’s perception of your product or company. Business with a small or large capital, you should create the brand identity for online side business that you manage.

The brand is a means for companies to develop and maintain customer loyalty. Brands are distinguishing marks or symbols to identify products from producers and differentiate them from products produced by competitors. This is of importance so you have to create the brand identity for the online side business that you will be managing.

Create Brand Identity for Online Side Business

Steps to creating a brand identity:

Setting Goals

You create a brand for online side business that you manage. So your brand goal is to influence the community to support your online side business, take part in programs that you will develop, utilize the services or products you produce.

Identify the Target Audience

You may not be able to limit the public to be exposed to your brand, but you still need to design the target audience that you want to influence.

Determining the Position of a Brand against a Competitor

This step requires little survey and research. You need to understand the value of selling the uniqueness of the product to the target consumers. You need to compare with competitor brands. Thus, you will know the reason consumers choose your brand on the competitor’s brand.

Choosing Brand Element

Brands have some important elements in a note that is the name, slogan, text, and color. Consumers will see this element as an association of the online side business brands you manage. You may use consistent symbols, characters or packaging to become a core element of the brand.

Test Elements to Create Brand Identity for Online Side Business

We need to test the brand elements we create for the online side business. There are things that are important but some are supportive. Suppose you want to register a brand in intellectual law then create a brand identity with a protected element.

Easy to remember

Consumers should easily call and remember the brand element.

Have meaning

We recommend that you define brand elements that are informative and relevant to your target audience. This will encourage them to decide to participate.

Can be liked / likable

Elements should be attractive to consumers. Part or all elements, visual or verbal.


You should consider using brand elements with new product goals in the same or different categories.

Can be adapted

You should consider the adaptive capabilities of future brand elements and different levels of geography

Can be protected

You should select a legally protected brand element. This is because there is a public symbol or word so everyone can use it.

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