Cultivating Agricultural Land Using Machinery, What Is the Purpose?

Farmers and planters do cultivating agricultural land using machinery on large land. Of course for urban farmers can use standard farming equipment without sophisticated machinery. Farmers can adapt agricultural machinery to garden needs. Several factors that affect agricultural machinery include soil structure, topography, types of plants, planting patterns, etc.

Mechanization of agriculture includes cultivating agricultural land using machinery to post-harvest as well as using machinery. Farmers process agricultural land with the aim of creating the most suitable soil conditions for plant growth. Farmers carry out this activity with as little effort as possible.

In general, farmers used to create soil processing equipment by changing and experimenting. Furthermore, farmers develop or improve the design of existing soil treatment equipment. Under these conditions, farmers need knowledge about the process of processing agricultural land. This is so that farmers are able to predict the costs and results of processing the land clearly.

The Purpose of Cultivating Agricultural Land

Farmers cultivate agricultural land have several purposes. First, create the structure of the soil needed for seedlings or seedlings.

Secondly, solid soil is processed until it becomes loose so it accelerates infiltration, increases the ability to withstand rainfall, improves aeration, and facilitates root development. Loose soil will increase infiltration speed and will reduce run off. The effect will reduce the risk of erosion.

Third, inhibiting or killing disturbing plants. Farmers cultivate farmland will cut roots or immerse intruders. This means that farmers can carry out activities simultaneously, which is to soil soil, fertilize and control weeds.

Fourth, immerse plants or organic waste on the ground into the soil. This will increase the fertility of agricultural land.

Fifth, it kills insects, larvae, or eggs of intruding insects through habitat changes and the sun’s blazing treatment.

Linkages to Cultivating Agricultural Land and Production Processes

Farmers cultivate agricultural land not only has a purpose for land efficiency. Farmers also need to link in a series of production processes such as seed dispersal or seed planting, fertilization, crop protection, and harvesting. So farmers cultivate agricultural land to achieve goals and achieve success in other activities.

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