Don’t Do it on a Leather Jacket

People have leather jackets for various underlying reasons, including their function to protect them from weather, fashion trends, or as community identities. If you have a leather jacket, you should take care of it properly. Generally, leather jackets have a relatively expensive price. You also need to take care of leather jackets to keep it comfortable. Don’t do it on a leather jacket, some things that make it damaged or uncomfortable.

There are some things you don’t do on a leather jacket. You can look below. This is to maintain the leather jackets that you have can remain durable, not damaged, and still comfortable when you wear it.

Don’t Do it on a Leather Jacket – Using a Drying Machine or Washing Machine.

After using some time, maybe you want to clean your leather jackets by washing using a washing machine. You do not wash the leather jackets by inserting it into the washing machine. Washing leather jackets using a washing machine will actually damage the texture of the leather.

Apart from the above, you also need to avoid using a drying machine for your leather jacket. You should keep the drying machine away because it will make it stiff, scratch and hurt the surface of your leather jacket. You should use a modified washing method. We will write how to wash leather jackets without damaging the skin.

Don’t do it on a leather jacket – Delay Cleaning Stains and Dirt.

When you use a leather jacket it is likely to become dirty. If stains and dirt stick while using a jacket, you should not delay cleaning. Food stains, soil, fuel oil can contaminate your leather jacket. You should immediately clean it because the stain can be absorbed in the pores of the leather so that it sticks firmly which can worsen your leather jacket.

Don’t do it on a leather jacket – Don’t Waste it using Chemical Sprays.

You certainly want to immediately clean the leather jacket to be cool as before. Some chemicals offer a way to clean easily and become shinier. Do not carelessly use chemical sprays. You should first try on the part of the jackets that is not visible, for example, small skin under the collar. If the results are satisfactory, then you can continue to use them.

You need to do the above because leather jackets have thousands of pores. You need to prevent chemicals from entering the pores and making them dry. Leather jackets can dry out, fade colors and cracks.

Don’t do it on leather jackets – Heat from a Direct Heat Source.

The leather jackets can be damaged if you keep it in a humid state. Moist skin jackets can cause fungus to grow which results in damaged skin. But you should not rush to dry a wet leather jackets with a heat source directly. If you put it close to a continuous heat source, it will make the leather dry, stiff, and eventually crack.

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