Echoes in the Room, How to Eliminate?

Many people try to find ways to eliminate echoes in the room. Many sources that cause echoes include vehicle noise, engine noise, or the sound of a family’s audio device. The audio sound that has an entertainment function can cause problems. This is because the echo will reduce the sound quality of the audio device.

We know that sound waves can propagate from one place to another through a medium. Media for sound propagation can be liquid, solid objects, and even gases such as air. Well, when a propagating sound wave encounters a barrier, it will bounce back to the origin of the sound source or to another place depending on the angle of the deflecting field. So we need a way to eliminate echoes in the room.

We need to eliminate echoes in the room. This is especially if our house has hard walls such as natural stone, ceramics or cement. Reverberation has the potential to arise due to the material that has hard material on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the room. To eliminate echoes in the room, you can apply the following creative tips to your home.

Eliminate Echoes in the Room.

Painting from Cloth.

Canvas paintings or other wall-art that has material from cloth will absorb sound reflections. Partially reflected sound reflections will help eliminate echoes in the room. Therefore, you should install a cloth painting that is parallel to the wall. This is to reduce the effect of sound reflections on the wall. You can choose paintings or wall-art using thin oil paint. This is because the oil paint will harden for a long time and will reflect sound. You should avoid wall art in a frame using glass.

Acoustic Panel.

You can buy an acoustic panel on the market. The acoustic panel has a function to help eliminate echoes in the room. In addition, this panel has an artistic value that can enhance the beauty of the room. You can find various models of acoustic panels in stores. You only need to choose panels according to your home’s taste and style.

Wooden Bookshelf.

Wooden bookshelves have the function of reducing sound reflections. If you want to increase the sound muffling effect, you can use a higher wooden bookshelf. You also need to arrange books on shelves. Books made from paper can also help eliminate echoes in the room.


Floors that use hard material can also cause echoes. Ceilings that have many ornaments of hard material will increasingly cause echoes. Therefore, you need to install carpets. You need to use a carpet to cover the hard surface of your home. Carpets can help eliminate echoes in the room. In addition to eliminating echoes in the room, the carpet is also able to create the beauty of the interior in your home.

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