Evaluation of Problems in Using Hand Sprayer

The sprayer is one of the agricultural tools for spraying pesticides. Farmers and planters really need a sprayer in an effort to eradicate and control plant pests and diseases. Farmers need to evaluate problems in using hand sprayer (knapsack sprayer) so that the sprayer used by farmers really has good performance. The optimal performance of the hand sprayer will increase farmers’ success in combating pests and diseases.

Hand sprayers can suffer damage from the use by farmers. However, behavior patterns can affect damage to the hand sprayer. Problems in using hand sprayer can be influenced by the habits of farmers. We can estimate the behavior patterns of farmers using the intensity of replacing spare parts.

Evaluation of problems in using hand sprayers will provide a better solution for user farmers and increase the work capacity of the tool. Farmers can further increase the technical age of the tool, save costs, and increase agricultural productivity.

Problems in Using Hand Sprayer.

Valve damage. Users who pump rougher hand sprayers tend to suffer from valve damage.

Tube damage. Farmers tend to prefer to keep the wind in the tank, causing the tube to break quickly.

Damage to the pump cylinder and lever rod. Farmers who pump rougher hand sprayers also tend to quickly break cylinders and lever levers.

Nozzle damage. The user does not care for the nozzle and does not block it on some nozzle holes so that the nozzle hole enlarges/wears out.

Do not check the device before use. Farmers use tools based on the previous day’s use. Farmers feel confident that the tools used to spray beforehand are not damaged so it is certain when the next usage is not damaged

Positive Attitudes in the Use of Hand Sprayers.

Pay Attention to the Condition of the Tool.

Farmers who are very concerned about the condition of the knapsack sprayer will often do maintenance tools. Generally, farmers do maintenance tools including washing after using and giving oil to the lever and valve to make the pump lighter. Farmers really feel that if the knapsack sprayer is not repaired immediately, then the performance of the tool will decrease.

Buy Original Spare Parts.

Farmers who prefer to buy original spare parts feel more satisfied with the replacement performance. This is because using the original spare part will make it more durable and not easily damaged.

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