Exercises to Build Sixpack Abdominal Muscles (1)

The men want a sixpack shape when seen, so they need exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles. The form of sixpack stomach shows fitness and virility. An exercise program to build sixpack abdominal muscles requires patience and regularity.

There are various techniques to build sixpack abdominal muscles that can be used. We can take the training program provided by the gym and the exercise program that we created ourselves at home. We must do exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles consistently and routinely to the limits of our abilities. This is so that our bodies do not suffer injuries and make our practice useless.

You need to rest your body for a while before changing training techniques. This article is divided into several articles. You can continue clicking Exercises to Build Sixpack Abdominal Muscles (2) to see the next exercise.

Sit Up

Sit ups are effective exercises to quickly form abdominal muscles. This method proved successful for forming a sixpack stomach. Although sit ups only show up and down movements but this movement is based on the abdominal muscles to lift the body weight and hold the body weight. Sit ups also have the benefit of shrinking a distended stomach because this movement will burn fat in the stomach.

Exercises to build a six pack abdominal muscle with sit ups are:
1. Position the body lying on its back.
2. Bend your knees (or straight, with your friend holding them during practice).
3. Position both hands holding the back of the head (or crossing in front of the chest and holding the shoulders).
4. Lift your upper body by resting on the abdominal muscles without lifting the legs.
5. Lower your body slowly.
6. Repeat this exercise 40 times 4 sets in a day.

Bicycle Maneuver

The bicycle maneuver is a very simple exercise movement. This movement mimics the movements of people who are pedaling a bicycle. This movement can also maintain abdominal and thigh muscle tightness.

Exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles by training bicycle maneuvers are:
1. Position the body lying on the floor.
2. Lift your head slightly.
3. Hold the back of the head with both hands.
4. Pull the knee up at a 45 degree angle
5. Foot movements like you are pedaling a bicycle.
6. As a variation, touch your left knee with your right elbow, and vice versa.
7. Do this exercise for a few minutes.

Mountain Climber

The exercise with the Mountain climber method is a form of exercise whose initial position resembles a push up position. This movement imitates and is inspired by people who are climbing. The mountain climber movement only moves the foot, it seems simple. But this movement is relatively effective to build a stomach pack quickly if done regularly.

Exercises to build a sixpack abdominal muscle with mountain climber are as follows:
1. Position the body resembling the initial position of Push-up.
2. Bend your left leg forward.
3. Straighten your right leg back.
4. With fast movements, exchange positions between the right foot and left foot alternately.
5. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes.


Plank Exercise builds sixpack abdominal muscles with passive exercise. This movement uses the abdominal muscles as a support to hold the body weight so that the body position remains straight. This will later form the stomach into a sixpack.

Exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles with plank are:
1. Position the body like a push up.
2. Use both arms (elbows) to rest.
3. Straighten back.
4. Straighten the legs with resting on the toes.
5. Contract the stomach to hold the weight of the body to keep it straight.
6. Hold this position for a few minutes

Spiderman Push Up

Spiderman push ups are one of the variations of push up movements that mimic the position of spiderman when crawling. This exercise can effectively build the abdominal muscles on the right and left side quickly.

Exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles with spiderman push ups are:
1. Position the body as if you were going to do a push-up movement.
2. Use both palms as support.
3. Pull the left knee to touch your left elbow.
4. Return to the starting position.
5. Do the movements alternately.
6. Repeat the exercise several times for maximum results.

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