Exercises to Build Sixpack Abdominal Muscles (2)

Exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles have been written in the first part. But before we begin discussing the movements of exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles (2), let’s understand more first with our abdominal muscles.

Basically, we can classify the abdominal muscles into 4 parts; Rectus abdominis, External obliques, Internal obliques, and Transversus abdominis. This rectus abdominis is then often called the sixpack muscle. Besides this sixpack muscle lies the external muscle and internal obliques. Abdominal muscle transverses are the deepest muscles, their position under the internal obliques. This muscle has an important role to make the stomach look flat.

If you have completed one exercise and will replace another, then you should take a break. Below is a continuation of part 1 that we uploaded earlier. See :
Exercises to Build Sixpack Abdominal Muscles (1)

Bicycle Crunch

This exercise movement has similarities with bicycle maneuvers. The Bicycle Crunch also has a basic movement just like pedaling a bicycle. You can easily remember and work on this movement.

How to build sixpack abdominal muscles with bicycle crunch training is:
1. Position the body lying down and straight.
2. Place both hands behind your head.
3. Both feet are lifted up.
4. Perform movements such as pedaling a bicycle in the air with your right and left legs alternately.
5. Lift the upper body part slowly.
6. Lower and repeat this exercise regularly.

Jackknife Sit Up

Jackknife sit ups are a variety of exercises from sit ups. But this exercise weighs one level above normal sit ups. Therefore jackknife sit ups have a higher level of effectiveness to build a sixpack stomach. You will also feel an impact that is proportional to how hard you do this exercise.

How to build sixpack abdominal muscles with jackknife sit up training is:
1. Position the body lying supine and straight.
2. Straighten your hands over your head.
3. Give a deep breath because this will drain your energy a little.
4. Lift your waist and legs together with your hands and upper body so that your feet and hands will meet above.
5. Return to the starting position while exhaling.
6. Do this exercise for 20 times 4 sets a day

Side Jackknife

Side jackknife is a variation of the form of jacknife exercise that can build a sixpack stomach. In this exercise you will build the abdominal muscles on the side. This is because the basic Jacknife side exercises make the abdominal muscles the side as a lift to lift the body weight.

How to build sixpack abdominal muscles with side jackknife exercises is:
1. Position the body lying to the right or left side.
2. If you choose to lie to your left then use your right hand to hold your head.
3. Place your left hand on your chest.
4. Lift your body together with your right foot.
5. Lower the body to form its original position.
6. Repeat this step several times regularly.

Hip Extension

Hip extension is the movement of pushing the foot up in an upright position. This hip extension can form the thigh muscles as well as the abdominal muscles.

How to build sixpack abdominal muscles with hip extension exercises is:
1. Position the body face down
2. Give the load to the foot that has been previously tied to the weight machine
3. Lift your legs back so that your feet will be above with the position of pulling the load.
4. Lower the legs to form the original position. Repeat this exercise with the legs alternately.

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