Foodstuffs Contain Formaldehyde

We have heard about issues in other countries where foodstuffs contain formaldehyde. Of course this will worry us when traveling abroad. Especially if we travel with family to enjoy the beauty of the country. The issue of foodstuffs contain formaldehyde is often just a bad trick of trade competition. However, we still need to understand the raw food containing formaldehyde and how to overcome them.

We already know that there are special food preservatives that are not harmful to the body. And we also know that using food preservatives is strictly restricted. Formaldehyde is actually a non-food preservative. Industries use formaldehyde for various purposes, including as an effective enhancer of product yields, or preserving materials and production products. In general, the community uses formaldehyde for home made industrial products or in the arts and souvenir industries.

Dangers of Formaldehyde for Humans.

We do not allow foodstuffs contain formaldehyde because it can interfere with health. Formaldehyde in the long term can cause DNA to mutate. Formaldehyde contains carcinogenic properties that can trigger cancer cells in the human body. Human organs also have a part that is very sensitive to formaldehyde such as smell and vision. Therefore, countries in the world have actually limited the circulation of formaldehyde to the public.

Formaldehyde Character

The issue of the presence of food raw materials containing formaldehyde is actually not new. And we don’t need to worry too much about knowing the nature and character of formaldehyde. We can reduce or eliminate formaldehyde content in food raw materials containing enough formaldehyde by soaking it in water. formaldehyde has a character that is easily soluble in water. Therefore if we soak food raw materials in water with a concentration of 55% it will reduce the formaldehyde content.

Formaldehyde has a low boiling point. Therefore this substance will be easier to evaporate in hot conditions. This condition can anticipate raw materials that are formaldehyde. For example we can boil, wash with hot water, bake or fry the ingredients.

There are special food preservatives that are not harmful to the body
There are special food preservatives that are not harmful to the body

If we soak food raw materials with water within 60 minutes it will eliminate 61.25% formaldehyde content. If you soak it with salt water, it will eliminate 89.53%. You can soak wet noodles bought from the market in boiling water for 30 minutes. This method is able to eliminate formaldehyde content reaching 100%. If you buy raw tofu, you can do a combination of two ways. You can soak with plain water and boil it with hot water then cook it for example frying. This method is the most effective treatment for tofu and is highly recommended.

Thus the discussion of raw materials for food containing formaldehyde. Hopefully it can be useful and reduce your worries.