Garlic Can Be a Pesticide?

Many of us in the city have a small garden beside or behind the house. We certainly always expect our garden to survive from pest attacks until harvest. But if pests attack, we must also prepare. You do not need to worry because there are those who tell that garlic can be a pesticide.

Garlic can be a pesticide, so it has been done in various places. Garlic can be a practical and non-toxic pesticide for gardens. You can even spray the plants a few hours before harvest. Garlic has natural pesticide properties to control and prevent pests.

Using garlic is a practical choice. This is because most housewives provide garlic in the kitchen. So we are easy to get active ingredients and also easy to use in the garden.

Mix Garlic so Garlic Can Be a Pesticide.

Garlic has the ability to resist various kinds of pest attacks so that garlic can be a broad spectrum pesticide. Pests that do not like garlic include aphids, ants, termites, whiteflies, weevils, caterpillars, snails, and leaf caterpillars.

Garlic can be a single-use pesticide or mix with other ingredients. You can use the liquid garlic that has been crushed and filtered. Previously, you need to add water to the liquid garlic then spray it on the plants. If you want it to be more effective, you can add a little potassium-based soap. You should be careful in using this. This is because soap that is too hard and a lot will damage the plants.

Garlic can be a pesticide, for example, to stop the stem rot in vanilla. You can mix garlic with betel to stop the anthracnose attack on chilies or tobacco disease. Another example, you can mix galangal, ginger, garlic and tithonia extract to control fungal growth.

You can also control the nematodes using garlic soaking water. If watering the garlic soaking water, it will effectively control the soil nematodes and pests. The soaking water of garlic can repel beetles, moths, flies, root maggots and snails.

Garlic can be a broad-spectrum pesticide. Therefore, we have many opportunities to find new formulas to stop pests, fungi, bacteria that are dominant around our garden.

Inter-Cropping with Garlic

We can plant garlic between our garden plants. With this activity, we will get multiple benefits. The main benefits we get from the harvest of each type of plant. Another benefit, we benefit from the function of natural garlic pesticides in this planting system.

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