How to Get Rid of Mice Naturally

We can actually get rid of mice naturally without using poisons or chemicals. Most of these ingredients and methods will only repel mice without killing. If we get rid of mice naturally, mice will look for new areas that are convenient for nesting and foraging.

Our goal to get rid of mice naturally is to disturb the smell and hearing of mice so that it disturbs the comfort of mice. You can use several materials and methods below. You can choose or combine ingredients and methods in an effort to expel mice from your home.

Maintain crickets

Male crickets have a high frequency of sound. This loud cricket sound can disturb and worry about rats. You can put this animal in the kitchen, under a table, a warehouse or a pipe that is a nest of mice hiding.

Maintaining an Owl

Owls are a reliable predator for mice. The ability of owls to see prey in dark places is a major advantage as predators. You can buy owls at the animal market easily. This bird does not attack humans, even in some plantation companies, it has been developed as a natural predator of mice. You just need to keep this owl by placing a ring on its feet. A rope that is long enough to connect the ring with a pole or birdhouse. An owl will hunt prey at its own volition.

Caring for Cats

The most common thing to eradicate mice is to keep cats. However, you need to know that not all cats are able to hunt mice properly. Race cats and docile domestic cats generally lose the ability to hunt. If for the purpose of eradicating mice, you should keep a domestic cat.

Using Spices

You can use spices to get rid of mice naturally. People generally use spices as spices, herbs or mixed ingredients in daily use. Spices have a strong aroma and compounds that can affect smell or vision. You can use spices such as pepper powder, cloves, shallots, lemongrass, and others.

Using derivative materials from crop processing results.

You can use derivatives from the plants to repel mice. Suppose you use camphor or camphor. This material has a strong scent. Mice do not like the strong aroma produced from this material.

Baking Soda

Baking soda contains a fairly high amount of gas, if the mice eat it, the rat’s stomach will be filled with gas and cannot be removed. Mice will feel abdominal pain and over time can cause mice to die.


Noni fruit also has a pungent odor. Mice do not like the aroma of mature noni fruit. You make small slices of noni fruit and put them in a place that is often passed by mice or in rat nests.


If you like durian fruit, you can use durian fruit skin to repel mice. As for how to use it, you put the durian skin or seeds in a place that is often traversed by rats or the nesting place of these mice.

Chili Powder

You can use chili powder to repel mice. How to use is also quite easy, such as using pepper powder. But you need to be careful so that the chili powder does not hit your eyes.

Bintaro Fruit

You often don’t find bintaro fruit in your area. This is because bintaro fruit only exists in limited areas. People in the area often use bintaro as a repellent and rat exterminator.

Mice that are Hated and Get Rid of Mice Naturally

You can use natural ingredients that can emit odors that mice don’t like and put them on nests or places that are often passed. This can disturb mice and indirectly trigger away from your home.

The following natural ingredients that can remove odors that mice don’t like include: Eucalyptus Oil, Tobacco, Soursop, Pepper, Mint, Coffee, Lemongrass, and others

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