Get to Know the Black Army Flies, Rich Insects Benefits

Many of us do not know the Black Army Flies. Even though it uses the word fly, but these insects are different from flies, which people know as bullies. Generally, when you hear the word fly, you immediately imagine a small insect that carries many diseases. However, you will not find this in black army flies (Hermetia illucens).

In some places in tropical countries, these flies are part of integrated agriculture. The people of the region are familiar with black army flies and utilize them in the production process. They can use maggot as live food on their farm. People are beginning to realize to use maggot as a nutritional value added to the farms or fisheries they have. Other effects use maggot, these farmers can save on food costs.

In many places, people rarely find this black army fly. These insects do not show themselves by clustering. Adult flies do not come to trash and dirty places to eat them. Therefore, often these fly larvae have economic value for farmers and animal hobbies.

Get to Know the Black Army Flies As a Clean Insect.

Black army flies can be a competitor to other flies that carry disease. This fly is a clean insect that is different from other types of flies. Generally, flies like rubbish or dirty places. The fly will infiltrate the trash and place the eggs in the trash. Therefore this type of fly becomes a source of carrying disease. This is what distinguishes the black army flies. Therefore you need to know the black army flies as clean insects.

Unlike the common types of flies, these black army flies lay their eggs in a clean and dry place. This fly does not put the egg in the trash or dirty place. After the eggs hatch, they will eat the garbage around it. Therefore, if you know the black army flies, then you will see it as an insect that is different from other flies. You will rarely see black army flies alighting in dirty places.

It is this eating habit that causes most flies to be a source of disease. Apart from their behavior, the design of the body’s morphology also makes these flies known for clean insects. Black army flies have different body morphologies than other insects. In fact, this insect doesn’t have a stick’s mouth. He just tasted it. Researchers found that larvae or maggots of black army flies can reduce the bad bacteria in rubbish, including salmonella and E. coli that cause diarrhea.

Benefits of the Black Army Maggot Fly.

The phase from maggot or larva to become a fly of an adult black army is different from other flies. The black army fly larva takes longer to mature than ordinary fly larvae. Actually, you can use the length of the maggot larvae to process organic waste. The old larval phase will require more organic material to consume Maggot. Maggot which consumes organic waste can be used as live food.

So you get the double benefit of this black army fly larva. Maggot eats your home’s organic waste and Maggot for animal food. You can use maggot as livestock feed, for example, chicken, fish, duck, reptile, etc.

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