Hair Loss and Causes of Baldness

You do not need to worry about hair loss because it does not mean the causes of baldness. Losing 50-100 strands of hair per day does not cause problems because new hair will grow. If a lot of hair loss is not accompanied by the growth of new hair then this is the causes of baldness. The causes of baldness are when the scar tissue replaces the damaged hair follicles.

What are the causes of balding head?

causes of baldness
causes of baldness

Some factors may be the cause of balding head. We will discuss it in order to prevent and reduce baldness factor. You can also cope permanently with hair transplant. Hair transplant is a technique of removing hair from areas with sufficient hair to head areas that experience baldness from the same person. In general, the head region with the thickest hair and relatively no baldness process is the back, so often the area they will be used as a donor.

Age Factor to Cause Baldness Head

Age is one of the main factors underlying baldness. Bald heads in males increase sharply with age. The average age of 35-50 years old men begin to experience baldness. Influence of certain diseases and medical treatment can cause baldness in young men. Cases of young men experience relatively rare baldness.

Hereditary Factors Cause Head Baldness

This hereditary factor is the main factor causing baldness. Parents of the father or the mother can lower the factors that cause baldness. If both of these lineages have genetic baldness then the offspring will experience greater baldness. Men tend to experience baldness faster than women. Men can experience baldness at a young age. Pattern baldness that occurs in men is different from the pattern of baldness that occurs in women.

Hair has different cycles. New hair will grow to replace your falling hair. The new hair follicle will replace the hair follicles fall out of the same size. But what happens in the process of baldness is the hair follicles shrink so that new hair grow thinner. Or hair follicles cause new hair shorter and smoother.

Hormone imbalances are Causes of Baldness

Hormonal imbalances or hormonal changes can cause hair loss and eventually the head becomes bald. The hormone that affects most hair grows is the androgen hormone. Dihydrotestosterone too much will reduce the hair follicle so that new hair is difficult to grow and survive.

Steroids will also cause hair loss. Steroids are hormones to increase muscle mass in young men who want to build the body. Steroids lead to too much DHT and abnormally bind.

Hormone imbalance in men is different from women. Women experience hormonal changes usually after menopause. These days women can experience baldness. Nevertheless there are differences of opinion about the period of baldness in this woman.

The prostate gland can also show you symptoms of baldness. Prostant enlargement will be related to high DHT levels. Then signs of baldness will appear along with the emergence of prostate symptoms such as reduced ability to hold urine, or wet the bed.

Medical Conditions and Treatment

Medical conditions can cause rashes, pains, scalp, broken hair or unusual hair loss resulting in baldness. Medical conditions that can cause hair loss resulting in baldness include autoimmune diseases, thyroid gland disorders and skin disorders. The autoimmune system can attack hair follicles. Alopecia areata causes hair loss suddenly and produces small baldness.

Treatment and treatment can result in hair loss. Hair loss can affect people with cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, or contraceptive use.

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