Handling and Stopping Hair Loss in Cats

We need to immediately handle and stop hair loss in cats. This is because it has an effect on the health of your cat and the comfort of your home. To stop hair loss in cats, you need to know the cause of hair loss in cats (see on Maybe Your cat is pregnant. It Causes Cat Hair Loss). Each cat can have different causes of hair loss. So you can take steps to stop hair loss in cats.

stop hair loss in cats
stop hair loss in cats

If hair loss in cats is due to the natural cycle of fur change, then you just take care of it as usual. Like human skin that always experienced regeneration, cat hair also needs a change. So, you do not have to worry your cat will be bald. Take care of him as usual and when the cycle is over, the feathers will not fall out again.

Taking Care of the Factor to Stop Hair Loss in Cats

Avoid stress in cats.

Cats will occur hair loss and baldness if in a stressful condition long. Keep your cat protected from stress. You can invite your cat to play, stroke, spoil, and give her favorite food. Also keep the environment comfortable and friendly with him. Wildcats, neighboring cats, other animals or the sound of barking dogs will disturb or make your cat afraid.

Replace cleaning product.

It could be hair loss experienced by cats due to incompatibility with soap or cleaning shampoo used for bathing. There is a possibility that the cleaners are used too hard for your pet cat to make the hair fall out. If this is the case, then you can try to change the cleaning soap. Look for other soaps that are softer and more suitable for your pet cat.

Bathe the cat regularly.

The cleanliness of the cat and its equipment should always be maintained. Cats should be bathed or groomed periodically because the skin of a cat is protected under the fur. Dirt attached to cat hair will cause the appearance of parasites in the skin of cats that cause irritation. Ticks, mites, until the fungus could attack your cat. Therefore, you should bathe your cat regularly.

Use a hair dryer after bathing the cat.

Fur that does not dry immediately after bathing process will make the skin of the cat moist and resulted in fungal infections. This can make the growth of cat fur. Therefore, you should immediately dry the cat hair after finished bathing. Make sure the temperature of your hair dryer is not too hot because it will also adversely affect the health of cat fur. If you do not have a hairdryer, you can also use a towel and a fan to dry it.

Comb the cat’s hairs.

Combing cat hair may be a little difficult and disturbing if done when the fur is falling out. Combing cat hair will cause more and more hair loss. But combing cat hair can have a positive impact, among others:

Cat body metabolism more smoothly because combing can work like a massage for cats.

Can get rid of fleas or mites attached to the skin of a cat, if combing using a special comb.

Cats will feel happy because they think you are spoiling.

Give medicine for hair loss.

You can try to overcome cat hair loss by giving medicine for cat fur loss. You can get this medicine in the petshop. Make sure you follow the instructions for use so that you can give the medicine with the appropriate dosage.

Check the health of cats.

If your cat is taking any medication, try to consult the drug with a veterinarian. The drug can make a certain reaction in the body of a cat that makes the feathers experience hair loss.

Maintain Environmental Factors

Keep the room air cool.

One of the important functions of cat fur is as a regulator of body temperature. Cat fur will be stronger and grow thicker when temperatures are cool and vice versa will fall out when the temperature of the air is hot. So, to prevent your cat hair from falling out, keep the room’s air temperature cool for your cat.

Increase Food Factor to Stop Hair Loss in Cats.

Provide adequate nutrient intake.

Make sure your pet cat gets enough nutrition. The growth and strength of cat hairs are also influenced by the nutritional food obtained by cats. To meet his nutritional needs, as much as possible you give him a variety of foods so that various nutrients from food can enter the body. You can also add a special milk cat to add nutrients that enter the body.

Replace food products.

You could lose your pet cat’s fur because it does not match the food that she eats. If this is the case, try to replace the food that will be given to the cat. To do this is quite difficult because you have to try different types of foods one by one and should be extra observant to observe the effects that occur on cat hair.

Give vitamins to cats.

You can also add the provision of vitamins for cats. You can buy it at a pet shop or animal clinic. However, you should not be excessive in giving vitamins to your cat. Give vitamin within reasonable limits to avoid other unwanted side effects.

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