How to Clean White Coral Stones from Moss

White coral is a type of natural stone. This stone has a relatively small shape and is pure white. People like white coral to complement the style of the house. White coral will show its beauty when installed as an accent on a fence, garden, pond or carport for example. This stone also suffers from problems with the growth of moss, as do other natural stones. We need to clean white coral stones from moss.

White coral needs to be groomed regularly to prevent overgrowth. Moss will quickly spread and it is difficult to control if the coral has overgrown with moss. Therefore we need to clean white coral stones from moss. Moss that grows around the area of ​​coral must be eradicated immediately. Next, you can prevent the moss from overgrown by making sure the environment is always clean, not moist, and have good air circulation.

How to Clean White Coral Stones from Moss

Cleaning coral depends on how the stone is installed. We can install coral by simply being stocked on the ground and installing permanently using cement dough. Both of these will result in different ways to clean white coral stones from moss. Here we summarize ways to clean white coral from moss.

How to Clean White Coral Stones from Moss in a Spread Installation.

You collect coral and put it in a container filled with soapy water. Soak and brush evenly throughout the rock surface. Next, you put it in a container containing a mixture of citronella water. Soak a day, and the next day you can rinse with running water. Generally, the steps to clean white coral from moss until this stage are clean. But if the rocks still show a yellowish color, then you can soak them with a bleach solution. You can brush the stones or rinse directly with water. Dry the white coral stones and redistribute the original location.

How to Clean the White Coral Stone from Moss on the cemented installation.

How to clean white coral from moss on cemented or permanent installation is different from the steps above. This is because you do not collect the stones but are poured with soap. You pour soap on the arrangement of the coral. After waiting for about 30 minutes, you can rub the entire surface of the stone using a rough brush to remove moss and dirt. Then spray using clean water.

If natural coral is not clean, you can pour the citron solution between the layers of coral evenly. After overnight, the citron solution will soften and shed the dirt that sticks to the sidelines of the rock. Next, re-spray the coral stones with clean water to rinse the surface. And if the color isn’t bright white yet, you can use the bleach clothes.

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