How to Design a Beautiful and Healthy Little Kitchen.

beautiful and healthy little kitchen

Limitations of space in the house is not a barrier to designing beautiful and healthy little kitchen. You can choose various designs available for your home kitchen. But you need to decide the choice of kitchen design that suits the taste and design of the house. Why do you need to design a beautiful and healthy little kitchen? A little kitchenette is the best choice for a minimalist type house. Kitchen design easier in harmony with the minimalist home design. By choosing a small kitchen, you will cook faster and cleaned the area less. This situation is in accordance with the needs and timeliness in this fast-paced era. With a beautiful and healthy little kitchen design will spur creativity in cooking. And also important is the area of cooking can affect comfort and health in your home.

Beautiful and healthy little kitchen

In designing a beautiful and healthy little kitchen needs to keep paying attention to the functional aspects of the kitchen. These functional aspects include 3 basic things. These aspects are optimal relationships between foodstuffs, cooking areas, and cooking utensils.

From these three aspects, a beautiful and healthy little kitchen design can be developed into several elements including size, lighting, air circulation, color selection, and materials.

Aspects of How to Design a Beautiful and Healthy Little Kitchen.

 1. Size

Space limitations require a kitchen configuration that adjusts space availability but meets ergonomic standards. We can choose either straight type or L type configuration.

You can choose the type L to easily achieve the design of a beautiful small and healthy kitchen design. You can put the cabinet at the top and bottom. The bottom cabinet can be placed under the desk. The length and shape of the cabinet adjust to the length of the available space. You can directly connect this beautiful and healthy kitchen with an open-plan dining room or a small screen.

2. Lighting

The kitchen should pay attention to the lighting of the room. You should choose a kitchen area that can directly connect with outer space to get natural lighting. You can give a wider window or door.

3. Air Circulation

The pretty, healthy kitchen needs a good air circulation. Selection of kitchen location associated with outer space is very good for lighting and air circulation. Air ducts or large windows are useful for maintaining air circulation and assisting lighting. You can put the cabinet above the window if the space is very limited.

If your small kitchen does not have natural air circulation then it takes a cooker hood. This kitchen device can suck smoke and odor. You should choose a cooker hood according to a slim kitchen.

4. Color Selection

You should choose bright colors. The beautiful and healthy kitchen designs require bright colors. This bright color will give the impression the room looks spacious. You can choose bright colors such as yellow, white. You can also combine with natural color or stainles.  Natural colors can be shaped wood or stainless color.

Material Aspects and Kitchen Walls

5. Material and protector

Work desk materials for cooking and kitchen walls require great attention. You should choose those materials that are durable and easy to clean. Good material for use as a work table is marble, granite, solid surface, and ceramic.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the kitchen wall. The kitchen wall is generally an area that is easily dirty due to splashes of oil, herbs, and smoke from the stove. Therefore, the kitchen wall should use a slippery material and easy to clean. A suitable material for coating this wall is the material used the same as used on the work table such as marble, granite, or ceramic.

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