How to Get Good Sleep and Quality

Many people find it difficult to get a good sleep and quality. On the other hand, many people are easy to get good sleep and quality. Getting a good sleep and quality is very important to keep up your performance the next day. You are also risking long-term health. Therefore, although it looks trivial, you should pay attention to how to get a good sleep and this quality.

Improve Your Daily Lifestyle

No Drinking Coffee and Alcohol at Night.

Drinking alcohol will make frequent waking the night and wake up in the morning with no fresh body. Coffee, tea, and sodas containing caffeine have a stimulating role stimulate the brain so that its effect can prevent you from drowsiness. Should not drink coffee at night because the effect will not be lost for about 3 hours.


Exercise regularly can improve your sleep quality. But do not ever exercise before bed or too heavy because it actually ruins your sleep.

Your medications.

Some medications, supplements or vitamins actually cause you insomnia. For that consult a doctor to be able to choose a medication that does not give effect to sleep.

Schedule Leisure and Sleep Time

Take Time to Relax.

get a good sleep and quality
get a good sleep and quality

After working all day, you often cannot sleep right on the bed. Should take a leisurely time to transition the body into the rhythm of sleep. Little fun activities can be done in the afternoon, such as playing with children, listening to bird chirps, or chatting with neighbors.

Regular Sleep Schedule.

Try to sleep in the same hour each night and wake up at the same time in the morning. Regular sleep routines make your biological rhythm stable good.

Exercise Breath.

Breathing is done by taking a few deep breaths with a slow rhythm. This technique helps reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and relaxes your body.

Adjusting the Environment to Get Sleep and Quality.

Cool Temperature.

Sleep will be more peaceful when in a cool room. The hot room or too windy will make sleep restless. If you are in the summer, you can sleep by using air conditioning and a thin dress to feel cool.

Check Sleep Position.

Try to sleep in a perfect position, that is the backbone and neck in a straight line to avoid muscle tension that can prevent you falling asleep.

Eliminating Light Source.

The light that is too strong will keep your brain awake so difficult to sleep. We recommend that you dim the light and not facing the light source to get a comfortable sleep.

Calm Environment.

Avoid loud and noisy sounds. An inaccessible sound source can be overcome by fixing the bedroom gap or earplug. When you like the sound of music, preferably in a relatively quiet sound.

Use Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapies are widely used for stimulant relaxation. In order to sleep better, you can make use of Aroma flowers, fruits, or spices.

Do not Sleep with Dogs or Pets.

Many people want to sleep with their pets. But often disturb our sleep because of the position of sleeping animals and some species of animals that are active at night (nocturnal). All these animal activities will interfere with your sleep.

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