How to Inject Rabbits Infected with Scabies

If you have several rabbits then you need to know how to inject rabbits infected with Scabies. Of course, your ability to inject rabbits can be useful for other purposes. The way to inject rabbits exposed to scabies is slightly different. Therefore you need a little attention so that you are correct in how to inject rabbits infected with Scabies.

Scabies is one of the most troublesome diseases for animal owners and breeders, one of them is a rabbit. This disease attacks young rabbits and adults. This disease is contagious in farm pens. If the farmer is late handling it, he will experience more losses. Farmers lose because they have to buy more drugs or because of the death of the animal.

Causes and symptoms of Scabies in Rabbits.

Generally, the main cause of your rabbit being infected with scabies is infection by other rabbits or other animals. For example, dogs can cause your rabbit to get infected with Scabies. Therefore you must immediately isolate the rabbit who is suspected of having scabies. This is to prevent contact with other rabbits. Another cause of this disease is a problem in the cage, environment and feed factors. Dirty cages and rabbits can be a factor in the emergence of this disease.

If infected with scabies, the rabbit will feel itchy. Rabbits will continue scratching the affected part of the body. Rabbit body parts that suffer from this disease will appear small rough spots. The rabbit’s body parts that are often the target of this disease include the legs, nose, eyes, ears and finally throughout the rabbit’s body. Rabbit ears that suffer from scabies will see spots, thin, and wounds along the edge of the ear.

Rabbits who suffer from this disease do not feel comfortable and nervous. Rabbits become sleep deprived and decrease appetite so that the body becomes thin and weak. This requires fast and appropriate handling to avoid rabbits from dying.

How to inject rabbits infected with scabies

You can buy scabies at pet stores or veterinary clinics. This injection drug can contain Ivermectine or other active ingredients. Generally, if you buy anti-scabies injection medicine, the syringe will be offered. You should read the rules for using a dose of medicine. For example 0.02 ml per kg body weight of a rabbit, then you can calculate the dose of the drug as needed.

You open and take the liquid medicine using a syringe with the rules of the drug dosage according to the estimated weight of the rabbit to be injected. Inject the drug in the skin on the nape of the neck. Injecting this drug is not in the flesh but under the skin. So you lift the nape skin (like pinching) and inject the syringe. Syringes must not penetrate rabbit meat. The tip of the needle is stopped before touching the meat.

A few days after you inject the rabbit, the medicine will work. Scabies will begin to fall slowly according to the level of attack. For rabbits that are already severe, you can inject about 2-3 times with an interval of 2-4 days. This looks at the condition of the disease and its rabbit. If the rabbit shows active behavior then you can shorten the injection distance. For attacks that are still mild, for example, rough spots are still small, you can just inject them once.

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