How to Keep Long Lasting Marble Sparkle.

Marble stone is a natural stone that is often used in the interior, therefore there are things to note for long lasting marble sparkle. We can use artistic marble for the wall, house decoration, table, home furniture, kitchen set, and most used as beautiful marble floors. Things to note for long lasting marble sparkle include the installation process, maintenance, maintenance and allowable treatment.

People love marble because it is beautiful, uniqueness, durability, and modern luxury. In addition to a charming appearance, marble stones also have a long service life. If you want, there are things to keep in mind long lasting marble sparkle.

In order for Long Lasting Marble Sparkle – Install Properly

If many homes use marble materials as beautiful marble floors or artistic marble, here are some marble care tips that can be applied to maintain the quality and lifetime of use.

Install must be True

You should make sure the installation of marble is appropriate, especially marble floors. If the installer is not correct then marble will be fragile so easily cracked and broken.

When filling grout on the marble floor/wall, you should wait for the bottom of the marble stone to dry completely. If you are in a hurry to fill the grout before the dried marble species then it will likely appear dark stains on the area around the grout. 

Use Coating

You can polish marble stone as a stone cover material. The act of polishing these marble stones has a purpose to prevent marble from long-term damage such as moss, stains, and unwanted strokes. Coatings can also make the marble become more glossy and display luxury. You can do this coating regularly according to the type of coating.

In order for Long Lasting Marble Sparkle – Treat Properly

Using Fine Furnishings

You should use a dull, smooth-cut furniture. Furniture like this will not scratch the floor surface. Marble is a natural rock that can experience scratches, so using a rough-headed or sharp furnish will damage the marble surface.

Always use safe furniture. If necessary, place a protective cover at the bottom of the furniture, such as at the foot of the table, chair, cupboard or bed.

Lifting Furniture

You may want to change the layout of the furniture or add new furniture. If you want to move furniture, you should lift the furniture and do not ever shift it. Shifting the furniture will damage the lining or wound marble.

Use a soft mat

If placing heavy furniture should give a slightly thicker placemat. You should also put a placemat on a hot dinnerware or rough cutlery. The cutlery can scratch the marble. You should immediately clean the stain. You can use a base or mat of fabric or yarn. Should not use placemat of metal or wood material.

In order for Long Lasting Marble Sparkle – Caring Properly

Cleaning Stains

An easy way to care for marble tiles is to clean the stain as soon as possible when attached to the marble surface. Food stains, hot cooking oil, ink, paint, or corrosive dry impurities should be removed immediately. Stains on the marble will cause scars and spots that will damage the beautiful appearance of marble. For marble cleaning materials, you can use natural materials and chemicals. Use a marble cleanser that suits the type of stain and the stain strength.

Also clean marble periodically with marble cleaning fluid. This is done so that marble can avoid the stains and dust that have the potential to scratch the marble surface.

Clean marble with the right method

Cleaning marble or mopping a marble should be done with the right method. Do not use abrasive cleaning cloth as it will scratch the marble. You should always rinse with clean water until the marble surface is completely clean. Marble surface should always dry. If you leave the marble surface moist or damp will make the marble rocks lose luster and quickly experience porous inside.

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